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UK developer creates old school PC adventure game


Falchion Games are a small team of four: two in the UK (Stafford and Stoke), one in Australia and one in the US. With a love of point and click games they wanted to make their own. 10 months later they are still hard at work on ‘Go To Hell Dave’. Due to be started as a Kickstarter project soon.

Inspired by classic point and click adventure games, Go To Hell Dave is a hilarious adventure in which you will take Dave on a tour of Hell’s nine floors, none of which you’ll never read about in the Bible or the Divine Comedy. Dave was just a normal guy with a typical life until he smashed his car into a lamp-post, with his girlfriend Sharon in the passenger seat. Waking up at the gates of Hell, Dave discovers that his girlfriend has gone, Satan is missing and Hell has become a dilapidated mess.

Ben Burns of Falchion Games says: “Thanks to our love of adventure games and our genuine belief in what we’re doing, we are finally nearing a point where we have a playable demo. I’d like to think that what we’re doing proves that you don’t need ten years of industry experience or a £20,000 budget to follow your own path in this industry. But we’re not quite there yet. We’re about to launch a make-or-break Kickstarter project which will garner us the money we need to finish the game.”

See below for some beta game art.

For more information go to the website, visit the Facebook page or follow on Twitter.




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