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Turbo Charge for the Commodore 64


Review by Sam
It’s been a while since I last did a review so apologies for that. Ive been flat out putting together my C64 book and the one thing it has done is open my eyes to some wonderful games that I had (shamefully) never heard of.

One game that in particular that took my interest was Turbo Charge. It was a racing game so it had my attention already and as it was by System 3 it was a ‘must buy’ for me! System 3 have done of of the best games ever on the C64 and you could guarantee it would be money well spent with them.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the amazing graphics. Robin Levy (Armalyte) created a series of cut-scene stills that are visually stunning. OK, so you pay for it in loading time but these visuals are a joy to behold. The actual game is programmed by Chris Butler of Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Commando fame so at this point I’m getting pretty exciting to play Turbo Charge.


So now onto the actual game. Think of a cross between Road Blasters and Chase HQ and you will be close. We C64 owners back in 1990 got the most appalling conversion of Chase HQ known to man and although Power Drift proved the C64 could do a decent racer, I was still pretty sceptical. Would it be slow and jerky like Chase HQ? Oh no! What you get with Turbo Charge is a fast and frantic racer that is bags of fun. You charge down the road and pressing fire enables you to fire forward so you can blow up the various vehicles that are trying to stop you in your tracks. Hold fire for a second and your passenger will stand up out of the sun roof and fire a rocket launcher for maximum carnage. For certain levels you simply have to get to the end in a certain time and others you have to ram another car off the road in true Chase HQ style. It’s not exactly realistic, I mean you just steer left and right with no need to brake really but the big plus is that it feels really fast. The illusion of speed is really well done and you have to be fully concentrating to avoid the oncoming cars and mines.

At the start of this review I mentioned the long loading times. I can forgive Turbo Charge for this because you get a quite simply stunning soundtrack to keep you entertained. You even get an animated story as it loads which sets the scene. Go to youtube and check it out.


On the negatives, Turbo Charge can get a little repetitive and in truth the multi-load is quite a drag. The in-game graphics are quite basic but do you know what, I can see past these things. If you’re after a 10 minute blast on a fun racer, then don’t look any furter than Turbo Charge by System 3.


One thought on “Turbo Charge for the Commodore 64

  1. scopie says:

    Yeah pretty good this one and vastly better than the dodgy conversion of chase h.q! This is pretty much a reskin of power drift using the same engine, although that’s not a bad thing at all.

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