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Topic of the Week – Street Fighter 2

This is a new section we are doing here on the site & podcast.

Now the way this is going to work is every few weeks we will have our topic, and you guys and gals give us you feed back on the topic and we will read out your responses and discuss this on the podcast.

Today’s topic is Street fighter 2.

Released in the arcade in 1991, this game became the stuff of legends.

This was the sequel to the very average arcade game by Capcom “Street Fighter” it improved on almost every aspect of the 1st game.

It had amazing characters, background,music and superb gameplay.

World warriors featured 8 playable characters and 4 bosses you had to fight against, each character had their own set of moves and combinations.

So what we want from you guys is to find out where did you 1st play it? Which character did you choose? Who did you 1st fight against? What were your 1st impressions of the game?

Please tell us your SF2 story.

Looking forward to hearing all you replies

8 thoughts on “Topic of the Week – Street Fighter 2

  1. Daniel Richard Cordell says:

    Q1) So what we want from you guys is to find out where did you 1st play it?

    A) The original version port on the SNES which somebody nicked from me.

    Q2) Which character did you choose?

    A) Everyone.

    Q3) Who did you 1st fight against?

    A) Mark Guest on 2 player although he wasn’t the one who nicked it though as he had his own copy. I since then got a new copy but it’s the slightly improved Turbo version which is another one this guy had. 😀

    Q4) What were your 1st impressions of the game?

    Awesome, best game ever.

    • Andy says:

      cool dude looking forward to reading out your answers on the next podcast,

      Im not gonna comment to much here as im gonna wait for the next podcast to talk about this:)
      (it should either be episode 2 or 3…when my laptop died i lost ep 2)

  2. malc says:

    Back in the early 1990s when i was still at school they was a traveling fair that used to come to town and they had a arcade there and that was the first time i played it i think i had E Honda and just played the computer.
    To be honest i liked Fatal Fury better at the time.
    Then a few years later i brought a Snes and got the American version of SF2 and then i really got into it and still play it t this day.
    Theres been lots of games that have ripped it off but i think its the best fighting game ever.

  3. Andy says:

    i got myself a is version to it was the 1st import game i ever got, but i will talk more about that on the podcast

  4. H.H.Harry says:

    i was addicted literately to this machine (like many), stealing coins to play.

    i was telling my brother about it how back then you were lucky to have money for credits and it took 30 minutes to walk there just for one game, your blood was pumping by the time you got there. We could never have imagined MAME etc, arcades were still supercomputers that dazzled and amazed us.

    Played mostly in the local arcade and snooker club, travelling fair and Scarborough during summer holidays, they had a good set up in Scarborough where SF2 was on a massive screen and customs seats.

    I play as Ken or Blanka, i used to beat it on one credit, now im lucky to win on MAME. Had the shit amiga version at the time, dreamed of having the Cabinet machine (cost many thousands then), i entered one of the many competitions to win one, all i got was a shitty poster.

    Now i like the amiga version for what it is, but still think SF2/SF2 champion on arcade are the best of the series, the other gameplay additions etc were more of a distraction for me, back then almost everyone in the arcade played it and you would nearly always get a match with someone (very immediate game play compared to later titles).

    F****** great game.

  5. ZXSpecstar says:

    Well well my first experiance of SF2 …. well i was at the arcade when the fair came to town one year and i saw a massive group of people round this one machine that seemed to be getting all the attention. When i saw it i was blown away by the size of the graphics and the booming sound from all the special moves, i soon got a go at this amazing game and funny enough i went for the staple favorite Ryu, just really sad i could not make him do all his moves as the machine did not have all the characters moves on the cabinet like some of them do. but i was amazed and blew all my pocket money on the game. What was ironic in the other side of the arcade, there was a street fighter 1 machine gathering dust.

    The home version were great conversions and when the upgraded versions come out it was nice but what really took my imagination were the rom hack editions, ryu doing dragon punches all the way across the screens and double waving fireballs, zangief doing spinning clothes like and a sonic boom flying out at the same time, made the game a real but very unbalanced challenge

  6. Andy says:

    You hit the nail on the head there mate.

    Looking forward to bringing up all these points on the podcast.

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