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Top 10 Best scrolling beat em ups part 1

Todays top 10 is the best scrolling beat em up ever(well in my opinion)

now the reason I’ve decided to do the scrolling beat em up genre is because its always been one of my favorite type of game, just walking along beating the crap out of loads of henchman until you get to the end of level boss and move on, it was a very simple formula walk left to right hit anything that moves but the reason why the games below are in my top 10 is because they did what they did especially brilliant brilliant

So please feel free to read on and comment if you agree with my choice or not and let us know how your top 10 would go. (the videos below are not recorded by me so please comment and sub to all these people Youtube channel)

10)Gang Wars – Arcade

Gang wars was a arcade game I used to play in the arcades not to far from my house, I used to go after school with my mate and we used to love this game for the fact it was a nice little Double Dragon clone.

The arcade game came out in 1989 and was made by SNK, you and a friend played as Mike and Jackie(I wonder who he was based on lol) and it was up to you to rescue a girl(most games in this top 10 feature this as a goal) and by defeating a gang through different locations in New York.

Although very similar to Double Dragon this game let you power up with things such as speed and power, also this game had a nice variety of weapons, like chains,bottles and even guns.

Gang wars is a fun game that I would recommend.

9)Splatter House – Arcade

I remember reading about this game in one of the classic retro magazines back in the day and what drew me towards it was that the main character “Rick” looked like Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th movies which I was huge fan of(bit strange considering I must have been about 11years old).

The other thing that stood out was the gore, I had never seen anything like this before and I so desperately want to play this game and monsters to death with a meat clever.

I never got to play this game until years later, but I did get to play the sequel on my Megadrive, which although was a good game didn’t look quite as good as the 1st game,all in all this is a great game that I still play to this day

8)Target Renegade ZX Spectrum

Now some people might think what the heck is a Speccy game doing in the top 10 scrolling beat em up ever and if so why didn’t I include the C64 version.

* the C64 was a total mess and played terrible compared to the Speccy version.
* this rightly so deserves to be in this chart because its so awesome.

Right let me tell you in a bit more detail why this is in the top 10, the ZX Spectrum really didn’t have many great scrolling beat em ups and the biggest crime of all was that Double Dragon was awful on the Speccy and pretty much on all other 8bit computers.

Now I had always been a fan of the Renegade arcade game and the home port and when I found out that this was a sequel I was blown away to find out it featured 2 players(something that the crappy C64 version didn’t have)

The game was simple amazing it took everything that made Renegade so good and made it even better, everything about this game was/is perfect, the music,the graphics but most of all the playability, the amount of moves you have in this game is amazing and the beauty was they were so simple to do, one of the best moves is when you get a baddie on the floor and you climb on top of him and literally pummel him with punches.

Target Renegade is a game that I still have to play at least every few months to this day, classic!

7)The Simpsons – Arcade

Now how could I not include this classic game in the top 10, this game was made by Konami and it came out at the peak of Simpsons mania, it played similar to Konami other classic TMNT.

I remember playing this game for the 1st time and just been blown away how good the game looked, it looked just like the cartoon, visually to this day its still amazing.

Not only could you control your favorite member of the Simpsons house hold you team up with another player and do special attacks.

The levels in this game were just a joy to play through as you spotted you fave Simpsons characters as you fought your way through to a nice rendition of the themes tune.

classic 4 player action! (special mention must go out to the C64 port as it was just as good and one of the best coin conversions ever!)

6)Double Dragon 2- Nes

I used to love the Double Dragon arcade game, it was so popular that it was inevitable that it would get a sequel and I was let down that the game was average, but I loved DD so much I had to have it on pretty much ever machine I owned ranging from all the 8bit computers to consoles.

The 1st Double Dragon was a okish game on the 8bit Nes but the sequel was a completely different monster all together, it wasn’t just a straight port of the arcade, it took that game and added so much to it, you could climb up stuff, you could fight in planes you jump across platforms, the Nintendo version was just so much better.

It felt like a true sequel, this was the sequel that most Double Dragon fans were originally looking for, it had loads of moves,nice story it gave us the fans what we wanted.

Once again I love this game and I play this at least once a month too,check it out you cant go wrong.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my top 10 Scrolling beat em ups:)

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Best scrolling beat em ups part 1

  1. ZXSpecstar says:

    Hey buddy will agree with DOuble dragon 2 but whats with all the cartwheeling bad guys and flying kicks that make them fly off screen like rockets, oh well somethings got to give i suppose

    Splatter house a definite yes shame it wasnt like other fighting games could you imagine how awesome it would be

    Target Renegade you hit the nail on the head mate enough said

    Simpsons well i do prefer this over TMNT because the were animated a lot better and had more options options in fighting and it wa smade back in the day when the simpsons was funny

    Gang Wars….hmm booting up mame now lol

  2. Andy says:

    What’s your top 10 scrolling beat em up?
    Similar to mine it different?

  3. Andy says:

    Cool ok mate:)
    I’m gonna post the 2nd part of the top 10 in a few days

  4. Daniel Richard Cordell says:

    I already know what your number 1 is. You said it plenty.

  5. Daniel Richard Cordell says:

    Its Streets of Rage 2 as Streets of Rage Remake is a remake so I don’t think it counts. 😀

    Lets see if I’m right in a few days. lol.

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