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The Way of the Exploding Fist

One of the greatest beat-em ups ever! Exploding fist came out in 1985, the game was published by Melbourne House.

Now what made Exploding so good was it looked and played amazing and it came out a good few years before IK+ which was another classic beat em up.

This game controlled beautifully and you can tell a lot of effort went into this game because it has aged fantastically, it still a amazing game.

Just like Karate champ, the arcade game, TWOFTEF is a one on one Karate game with loads of move at your disposal, its so easy to pull of the moves and that why this game works it draws you in by its tight controls and gameplay.

I loved each of the 3 8-bit computer versions but there truth is there can only be one winner in the 8-bit wars, who will win? Watch the video and find out! Please feel free to comment:)

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