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The Simpsons Arcade – C64

This amazing C64 game is based on the classic arcade game by Konami.

If you were a fan of the Simpsons cartoon show in the early 90?s then you would have had Simpsons Mania and of course you would have loved the 4 player arcade machine by Konami.

The arcade was similar to the other classic 4 player beat em up by Konami the Teenage mutant ninja turtles, the arcade game this was based on was bright and colourful had a great sense of humour and made great use of the Simpson’s licence.

The C64 was really a programming masterpiece, because it really had everything the arcade game had, from the amazing intro to superb music and the game play that matched the arcade.

This really is the best arcade conversion I’ve actually played on any 8bit computer an one of the C64 games ever!

Even to this day this game still impresses me as it looks just as good as it did back then and when you consider this game came out in the early 90?s that a great accomplishment.

This is a game that every gamer should play because it shows that programmers really did push the c64 to its limits and by doing that the made a master piece of game.
I hope you enjoy the video and as always please feel free to comment.

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