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The Retro Asylum is about to get even better!

The retro asylum is going to get even better over the weekend!

What I’m planning for the site over this weekend is going to help our site grow and go from strength to strength, We will be adding another superb retro gaming podcast to the site.

The podcast I will be adding is from another site who have kindly agreed for us to feature their amazing show.

So who is this amazing site and podcast?

All will be revealed this Saturday and all i can say is that they even have a superb guest on their show

Stayed tuned as we will be introducing more great podcast from other sites to the Retro Asylum, as the plan is to be the hub of retro gaming where we promote all things retro
from retro gaming podcasts to retro gaming sites,home brew games and loads of other exciting projects

7 thoughts on “The Retro Asylum is about to get even better!

  1. pottyboy says:

    Wow! Another podcast for all us retro maniacs to listen to 🙂

    • Andy says:

      Yeah That’s right and we got a superb podcast on its way and loads of other coming soon.

      I’m hoping that more people check out these shows as loads of hard work goes behind them.

      So Over the next few months expect things to get a little bit intresting …….maybe a site vs site gaming night 🙂

  2. TEOL says:

    This family is about to become big. I’m betting it’s the Lorf one myself or Gamerdads.

    Lorf is more logical as he said in a recent one off return video that he is having a new poddy come out and Gamerdads is the one that Andy keeps referring to on here.

    • Andy says:

      Things are gonna get intresting indeed, we are add a few more podcast soon and also help other sites and homebrew makers out there get the attention they truly deserve.

      You might be right in your guess:)

  3. TEOL says:

    I know I’m right. Lorfarius is the one whos getting that contract due to him announcing it himself. 😀

  4. I think you gave it away in the tags. I eat podcasts for breakfast and GD’s is among them 🙂

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