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The great mystery of Outrun Europa has been discovered

For years the mystery of why Outrun Europa the game that was released was completely different to the one that was reviewed by Your Sinclair magazine.

to quote Your Sinclair”Your Sinclair reviewed it and said “I said it was fast and it is. The graphics are big and dead colourful as well, this causes a wee bit of colour clash occassionally but nothing too drastic. The sheer size of the buildings and the other stuff at the side of the road is impressive too. And there’s such an impressive variety of scenery. It’s so exciting, just like going on holiday

They even gave the game a 83%!!


Why was this game different? was it a mock up?

Was this game started from scratch?

Well it looks like the mystery has been finally solved by the clever people over at Worldofspectrum, Ralf and Retro Asylums own Swainy.

Swainy pointed out the the way the graphics had been done it looked like the game had colour at one point, then Ralf uncovered that this had been the case and by entering this poke 24905,6 that the game indeed did have colour.

Now as you can see from the screen shots the game looks a lot closer to the screen shots in YS magazine.

The graphics looked like they had been touched up on the speccy mag and then finally dropped from the final version of the game.

Big thanks to Ralf and Swainy for dicovering this and who at some point are going to start working on the game and tidy it up a little bit

check out this video i have made and please leave us your feedback.


4 thoughts on “The great mystery of Outrun Europa has been discovered

  1. darren says:

    Good work guys!! I have no idea how you figured this out but seriously that’s some seriously good detective work!

  2. Andy says:

    That would be Swainy and ralf from wow spectrum that discovered this.
    We are hoping to keep everyOne updated on this story

  3. TEOL says:

    So there is going to be yet another remake coming for the Spectrum already after their Double D is finished?

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