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The Great Arcade hunt “Southend” – Retro Asylum meet up!

The Retro Asylum are heading down to Southend for the Great Arcade hunt!

Southend back in the day was one of the best places to go and play some of the ย best arcade machines, but sadly like most sea side towns what was a haven for arcade machine it has become a place for slot machines.

So the Retro Asylum team are going to go on a quest, an adventure and explore Southend in the “Great Arcade Hunt”

What machines will we find?

Will it be just those Dance games or will we find some classics such Konami’s TMNT?……we are also on a quest to find a little retro gaming shop too!

So why not join us on the Great Arcade hunt Southend!

We will be meeting at Southend Station at midday on May the 6th.

From there we will be trying to find some great coin ops and also going for a pub lunch.

IF you can make it please let us know here on the site….looking forward to this day out, here’s hoping the weather hold us


4 thoughts on “The Great Arcade hunt “Southend” – Retro Asylum meet up!

  1. malc1976 says:

    Im going 100% just one thing mate i think they is more than one trainstations in southend the one i travel to is southend central station.

  2. Have fin guys and heres hoping you find some classics among the hordes of grannies playing one armed bandits and penny sliders ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. TEOL says:

    I’d be crapping myself with anxiety if I was to find my way that far from Feltham on my own. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. ZXSpecstar says:

    Will be there bright and early and i just will leave the tank behind in case we dont find any arcades lol

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