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Target Renegade

In today’s 8-bit wars we kick and punch our way back to 1988 to look at Imagine Software’s superb scrolling beat em up, Target: Renegade on the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC & Commodore 64.

Following your brothers gruesome death at the hand of Mr Big, you and a friend (as long as you don’t play C-64 version) set out to seek revenge across the streets of Scumvile and give Mr Big a good slap.

As the follow up to Renegade, this sequel had a lot to live up to. It also managed to fill the massive void left by the lack of a decent version of Double Dragon on the home micro’s.

But what version is the most playable? Find out as Swainy goes for a walk in one of Scumviles finest multi storey car park.

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