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Target Renegade – ZX Spectrum – Walkthrough/Review

The smash hit follow up to the classic arcade game Renegade! Target Renegade is the best scrolling beat em up on the 8bit computers….fact!

This amazing game was programmed by Mike Lamb and was published by Ocean Software on their Imagine label Everything about this game was extremely polished, the amazing graphics which were done Dawn Drake to the phenomenal music which was composed by Jonathan Dunn And Gari Biasillo. The Story (well on the Spectrum version) saw Renegade on a mission to avenge his brothers death Matt.

The game was a 2player game(only the Speccy and Amstrad had this feature) and it was the perfect alternative to the very poor Double Dragon on the Speccy. Renegade had to fight his way through 5 levels encountering and beating the crap of any baddies that got in your way. Simply put, this game is the king of the scrolling beat em ups on the 8bit computers.

Triva when it comes to this game.. The art work of Renegade on the inlay and loading screen was inspired by a martial arts book, if you look at the image you can see how similar it is to Target Renegade.

This video here is a walkthrough/review. I hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to comment with your feed back and most of please give this game a go.

27 thoughts on “Target Renegade – ZX Spectrum – Walkthrough/Review

  1. TEOL says:

    Walkthrough. You really completed all 5 levels in 10 minutes? I gotta see this.

  2. Andy says:

    It took me longer, nearly 20mins.

    Great game I’m really glad I finished it.

  3. TEOL says:

    Target & Kunio Takai No Banka are the best games in the Renegade world in my opinion.

  4. Andy says:

    That’s fair enough mate, from what I’ve seen and people Ive spoken to the Kunio games are pretty good, but for me personally I’m not a fan Of the eastern look and feel to those games.

    I prefer the western style and look and feel to the renegade series(apart from renegade 3 lol)

    Anyone else prefer the Kunio games over the western version of the series?

    • TEOL says:

      I like both and No Banka and Target I think were the best ones of each regional Renegade.

      You can’t really compare the 2 second games to be honest because they were made in 2 different decades.

  5. TEOL says:

    I challenge you to work through the pain of Renegade 3 in Beat A Game next week. Do you think you are up for the challenge matey?

    • Andy says:

      Wouldn’t play Renegade 3 ever again not even if you paid me lol

      I’m only gonna play games that I like.

      Next one Zelda links awakening(not gonna do a video as its to long) I’ve been playing that while on the loo or on the way to work lol

  6. Chris says:

    Excellent vid mate. I particularly like the idea that you’ve spent the last twenty odd years contemplating whacking unsuspecting members of the public with a sledge hammer every time you’re in a a carpark.

    Absolute classic game. I just about prefer number one but they’d both make my top 10 speccy games. Can’t agree with you on the music front though, the C64 wins that hands down. I actually really like the C64 version. I can see why people don’t though. If you’d played it on a spectrum and tried to use the same tactics you do on the spectrum, you’d get nowehere. The flying kick is almsot completely useless on the C64. It’s all about punching and whacking people with weapons.

    • Andy says:

      Yeah me and car parks makes me wanna flying kick anyone on a moter bike lol

      The music is good on all versions,you are right though the c64 version has got the better music, although technically I appreiate the Speccy more for what it managed to sound like with AY and beeper as opposed to the SID.

      Love the sound track for the game.

      Playability wise Speccy for me;)

  7. malc1976 says:

    Great video Andy ive never played this version before played the Amstrad and C64.
    Myself i like the C64 version the best i know i will get slatted for saying that but its what i think.
    Ive completed that loads of times and it has a diffrent ending to this version.

  8. Andy says:

    The big question is?
    Why didn’t this come out on the 16bit computers like the Amiga or St?

    • malc1976 says:

      Good question but if you seen the mess they made of the first Renegade on the Amiga or ST then its a good job they didnt.
      Bizarrely they is a unfinished version of Renegade 3 for the Amiga.

      • Dean Swain says:

        The Amiga version is a fake, it has nothing to do with Ocean. Gary Bracey confirmed that over at The Ocean Exprience forum a while back. Also I think the reason that the Amstrad version didn’t appear in the adverts was because the Speccy and C64 versions were coded first and the Amstrad version was done once the Speccy one had been done.

        • malc1976 says:

          I thought it was i think it was a polish game or somethink Street Hassle is aswell.
          As bad as Double Dragon 3 is its still better than Renegade 3.

          • Kamil says:

            Street Hassle, i remember that game, it recieved very poor score in one of most popular Polish video game issue, mostly due to fact, that you killed elders, and in that time, there was young serial killer in Warsaw, who killed elders 🙁

  9. TEOL says:

    Simpsons Arcade to be released on both LIVE & PSN. Yay.

  10. malc1976 says:

    Ive recorded my Walkthrough/Review but i havent done the voiceover yet been really busy sorry will post the video as soon as ive done it

  11. malc1976 says:
    Sorry for letting people down but ive been really busy at work so i still havent got round to recording the voiceover for this video but heres a playthrough without it for now

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