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T.E.A.R.S. Episode 16 – Dragon’s Lair

Here’s another episode of T.E.A.R.S.! To coincide with the forthcoming release of the Dragon’s Lair documentary, I’m reviewing the Amiga version of the game.

Originally released as a Laserdisc arcade game in 1983, Dragon’s Lair sees you playing as Dirk the Daring, a brave young knight on a rescue mission to save Princess Daphne from the clutches an evil dragon called Singe. The game was unlike any other game in the arcades at the time, thanks to its use of high quality animation by ex Disney animator Don Bluth (Who also directed films like The Secret of NIMH, An American Tale and The Land Before Time), rather than computer graphics.

At that time, the game was considered too advanced to be ported to home systems (although many did receive games that were based on it). It wasn’t until the 16-bit systems came out that a true home conversion was possible. The Amiga version of Dragon’s Lair was released in 1989 by ReadySoft, and at the time was a very expensive game. But is it any good? Let’s find out.

3 thoughts on “T.E.A.R.S. Episode 16 – Dragon’s Lair

  1. Andy says:

    I was really impressed with the graphics in this.
    Looked like a decent conversion:)

    Great video mate looking forward to more TEARS

  2. ZXSpecstar says:

    Its amazing what the amiga could do when a lot of effort was put into it but i think the only thing that let this down is the long loading times but hey it was worth it for gameplay like this. Great vid mate 😀

  3. malc1976 says:

    Very impressive game on the Amiga have you seen the Atari ST version? as far as i remeber its just as good but i think it would only rum on a 1Mb ST.

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