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T.E.A.R.S. Episode 10 – The Real Ghostbusters

Time for another episode! And check out the cool new intro I made 🙂

Today I am reviewing Activision’s conversion of the Data East arcade game, which was based on the superb Ghostbusters cartoon series. The arcade game was pretty average to begin with, so how does the Amiga conversion fare?

2 thoughts on “T.E.A.R.S. Episode 10 – The Real Ghostbusters

  1. Andy says:

    Cheers for uploading this video mate:)

    I was never a fan of this game and was hugely disappointed with arcade and 8bit version (I owned the Speccy version) since I was such a huge fan of the cartoon and movie.

    I think the arcade game was changed over here and in the US end was completely different in Japan, I heard it wasn’t even a ghostbusters game.(I could be wrong)

    The original c64 and 8bit versions(the one that Glenn couldn’t get passed the name screen lol)

    • pottyboy says:

      Think you missed out a bit at the end of your comment there! 😀 It’s amazing how Activision were able to take an average arcade game and make it even worse!

      The original C64 game was superb. I hear the CPC version was also good. Pity the Spectrum version was a bit rubbish.

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