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Super Smash Land Fan Game!

The classic Nintendo platformer beat em up Super Smash Brother is now available on the PC as a Gameboy style game.

The man responsible for this is Dan Fornace, he is the artist and programmer on this fan-project.

Dan is a huge fan of the Smash Brothers series and it certainly shows in this truly FAN-tastic game which looks just like its playing on a the Nintendo handheld.

The game feature loads of classic Nintendo characters such as Mario,Link,Kirby and many more as they fight through some familer locations, so anyone who loves the series can’t go wrong as a perfect homage to the big N games.

The sound track is a done by Brendan Becker, who is known to the music world as Inversephase, he is responsible for the audio in Super Smash Land, which suits the game perfectly ands adds to the frantic game play.

So why not check out the trailer below and also download the game as its free + FAN-tastic!

Please also check out and thanks Dan Fornace and Brendan Becker for making such a amazing game.

2 thoughts on “Super Smash Land Fan Game!

  1. AspergerGamer64 says:

    i agree Dan Fornace and Brendan Becker has done a really amazing job on it and its really cool to see mega man in it

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