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Super Mario Land – Gameboy

One of the 1st games on the Nintendo handheld and still one of the best. Super Mario Land on the Game Boy sold by the bucket loads and after playing this game again for this review I can see why, this game is amazing.

It plays very similer to the 1st Super Mario game but on a smaller scale but thats not a bad thing at all.

The graphics are small and simple but are incredibly detailed, the music is some of the catchiest and complements the game incredibly.

The game may be a bit on the easy side to finish but still plays like a dream and I highly recommend everyone who hasn’t played to give it a go and if you haven’t played it in age’s why not?

2 thoughts on “Super Mario Land – Gameboy

  1. Will says:

    when i first finished it i felt sentence achievement good days

    • Andy says:

      its a game that I still play all the time and it still feels as good finishing it.

      i loved this game so much when it 1st came out, stuff of legends, it was mario on a handheld Wow!

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