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Super Bread Box comes to the Commodore 64!

Remember Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box? RGCD and Vlambeer will be launching Super Bread Box, the official, fully-featured Commodore 64 port by Paul Koller.

The game will be available to buy in three ways:

  • A real Commodore 64 cartridge, boxed with stickers, a poster, manual and other goodies (£30).
  • As an A2/A3 poster & download bundle (£5).
  • Or as a download (£1.99).

The download comes as a cartridge rom ready to run with the 32-Bit Windows version of the VICE emulator.

You can also download the limited 16KB version as a ‘proof of concept demo’ and the C64 soundtrack for free.

Main features:

  • Running at full 50Hz on the 64KB RAM, 1MHz Commodore hardware, Super Bread Box pushes the machine to its very limits
  • Three new levels
  • 16 playable characters
  • All weapons from the original
  • Upload your highscores

8 thoughts on “Super Bread Box comes to the Commodore 64!

  1. mrsid says:

    What this guy is doing with these new C64 games in stunning

  2. babyduckgames says:

    Totally agree, looking forward to seeing what other gems he can come up with.

  3. den.aris says:

    Just bought it – cracking game. It’s rare I spend more than 10-15 mins per game. This has had me hooked for an hour or so.

    Check me in the high score tables 😉

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