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Sunset Riders {arcade long play} AspergerGamer64

Here is a fantastic arcade long play video by one of our community members AspergerGamer64.
Please comment on the video and please checkout his Youtube channel.





4 thoughts on “Sunset Riders {arcade long play} AspergerGamer64

  1. Andy says:

    dude loved the video, your passion for this game and just gaming came across really well in this video.

    This was a superb game and glad to hear you commentry on this classi Konami game

    I liked the little comment about the character looking like so i changed my avatar to it lol

  2. Andy says:

    i normally find it hard to watch a video thats longer than 10mins and i was supprised how quickly it went by, mostly down to your very honest views on retro gaming.

    great vid and it really shows you are true retro gaming fan:)

  3. Daniel Richard Cordell says:

    So true. The Megadrive version was more like a Sunset Riders 2 when I played it on a real system using SEGA Everdrive on Friday morning.

    After finding out how you can do both One Player and Multiplayer on MAMEHub without the logos and in full screen that is the only version of MAME I ever use now it has .webx recording built in now which can be uploaded straight to YouTube.

    I honestly have no reason not to do my own videos with the power of the N button followed by the powers of Alt and Enter with a dose of Shift and F12. 😛

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