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Sturmwind Dreamcast – Release date

While many may argue where the cutoff for retro consoles are, let’s just agree the Dreamcast was one of the best consoles ever to be released so deserves it’s place in history.

And as is the case with all good legacy systems, games are still being produced for the Dreamcast and I think few would argue that Sturmwind from Redspot Games is looking to be one of the best homebrew titles ever. Not to mention that it wouldn’t look out of place being released for the 360 or PS3 – testament to the power of the Dreamcast.

Much delayed, Duranik’s Sturmwind now has a release date of April this year. It’s not looking to be a completely manic shooter like some of the recent crop which spawned, arguably, from Ikaruga so it maybe more accessible to the casual gamer. Also it’s not massively cheap to purchase but it’s destined to be a collectable and, well, just look at it. The gameplay also promises to match the visuals.

This is living and breathing proof of how far ahead of it’s time the DC was when released in 1998 – almost 15 years ago yet still able to produce visuals and games of this quality.

5 thoughts on “Sturmwind Dreamcast – Release date

  1. TEOL says:

    Thats gotta be PS3 I can’t beleive one second that is a Dreamcast hardware quality image.

  2. TEOL says:

    It’s a joke I made Daz because it looks amazing. 😀

  3. deadlygroove says:

    TEOL, I didn’t mean to reply to you dude. I clicked the wrong reply. My comment was meant to be a stand alone comment man. Apologies bro!

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