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Star Wars on the Acorn Electron


Review by Uniforix
When Star Wars hit the arcades it was an amazing game, “Red 5 Standing By”. The glorious vector graphics in all their full colour glory, smooth flowing flight in your X-Wing all to great sound and speech, as a youngster you could have almost thought you were there. “Use the force Luke…”

Queue record scratching and “back to reality moment”

So? How could you fit that into an 8-bit home computer that had a minuscule amount of RAM and 1-channel of sound (+noise).

Err… Well they did but, you know it wasn’t quite the same. I don’t know what it was like on the other platforms but the Electron version had a really nice loading screen and to be honest, thats what I will remember it for most. I will remember this mainly because it took longer than the actual game to load and before continuing with the load they made you press the SPACE bar!? Don’t get me wrong, it looked really nice!

The game itself, given the system capability, wasn’t actually that bad even if it did lag a little which could be expected. Yes, gone were the sound and speech and in fact they didn’t make much sound at all unfortunately. The laser sounds were literally a “BEEP”… “BEEP” …. and when the action really hotted up … you guessed it … “BEEP”. I think they could have done better!

The Graphics, though monochrome, did actually reflect the arcade though and you know and for a budget 8-bit micro against such a great arcade game it was a mighty effort. Overall – if you squint and make your own sound effects in your head (or out loud like the guy from Police Academy)… it wasn’t a complete disaster.

StarWarsScoreI think its a 2.5 out of 5 from me. Maybe if it wasn’t Star Wars and for the lovely loading screen it would only be a 2 and perhaps I should take a look at the C64 / Amiga versions, I remember the Amiga one wasn’t far from the arcade version.

For now, thanks for reading! I must return to my cockpit now, I think I nearly lost R2….

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