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Starcraft – Must Resist FANBOYING!


Now if anyone wants to ask me what is my favorite game of all time…well believe it or not its this game right here Starcraft…but why many people ask me as the first thing that springs to mind that it is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and not a action or driving or any of the other staple games that have ever come out. Now I am going to be completely impartial as best I can when I talk about this game because if I wanted to I would fan boy this game into oblivion, instead I am going to tell you exactly why I love this game so much and I have many reasons to back it up and also why I believe that this was a game that defined RTS for over a decade with many imposters but never equaling the game… Lets Break this down


Lets look at this this is a story of rebel militia, rebellion, the overthrow of a confederacy, Deception and and Betrayal and hey that is just the Terran campaign for starters. the story is expansive and runs continuous throughout the game as the story progresses into the Zerg campaign and then finishing with the Protoss but as you play the game you feel a sense of growing epic as you lead towards the final mission which is essentially the Protoss final desperate strugle to defeat the Zerg leader who had invaded their home world. But blizzard are masters of story telling and even though they have created a huge and massive lore for World of Warcraft the story of Starcraft is still to me in its early stages. The Characters all play their parts and the story never feels lagging or repeating itself just to get points across, many games like Command and Conquer and Total Annihilation had their stories but I just never felt connected to their characters and did not care in essence on what happened to them, the story that ran through Starcraft genuinely left me full of emotion (Spoilers Ahead) to when Sarah Kerrigan  was left to die at the mercy of the zerg horde left me feeling angry but the surprise during the Zerg campaign when you see her reborn as one of them and leading to the final battle where Tassadar of the Protoss sacrifices himself so his race has a chance of survival, the final cut scene simple but portrays the situation so very nicely.


This to me is where Blizzard hit gold…with so many RTS games in the market how was it possible to create armies that were going to keep attention and not be unbalanced, some RTS games just gave both sides in essence the same units just different designs or in Red Alerts case totally overpower one side so you have to use other tatics to get the job done and most of these games ended up in massive tank rushes. Starcraft had three races and they were all totally different races The Terrans the most military out of all of them  well what would you expect from humans, The Xenomorh Zerg which could pass into any Alien film to rip apart colonial marines and the psychic Protoss, all three has strengths and weakness that can be exploited by the opposing races and this opened a way to may more tatical approaches. Building a hundred tanks in another game can pretty much get you a victory but build a hundred zerglings and watch 4 or 5 terran seige tanks annihilate them with no problems what so ever. or build the archon the protoss best unit in large amounts only to have 1 Terran science vessel rob them of their shields leaving them with only 1 hp left. but the terrans can be hit just as hard too. their battle cruisers can be destroyed with ease by zerg suicide units and trust me watching that cruiser go up in smoke thanks to a unit that cost a mere 75 resource units you got to come into these battle ready for anything. but its not just that the bases are also built differently so playing the single player campaign really helps as the missions bring each of your new units into play each mission so by the time you reach the final mission of the race you are fully confident with the army you are using. I have never seen this done in any other RTS game and blizzard keep adjusting balances for the game for 12 years after it came out that is dedication to your game


This works well in all departments, the sound effects for all units weather it be biological  mechanical or both just fit so well and also continues warcraft tradition of keep clicking on the units and watch them get ragged off with you even spouting famous quotes from films like Aliens and Robocop as a few examples, the music is great and sets the tone for all three races and makes the game feel exactly what it is because trust me nothing annoys me more than misc that dose not suit the game, it feels sci fi  and goes down well, just another aspect which makes this game great at what it is.


And what makes a great game better well lets chuck in a expansion… we didnt have DLC in those days and now that just makes me feel old but what did you get for you £19.99 well new units for all three races, new cutscenes, 100 multiplayer maps and a whole new campaign  consisting of 26  new missions across the three races  which tell the story from the aftermath of the original game..and did they cut on quality because this was a expansion…hell no it was just  as good as what the original game was and worth every penny of the asking price.

Final Verdict

This game has kept me playing for many many years and i brought the game when it first came out and never regretted it, by 2009 starcraft sales had reached 10 million copies and thats just the pc version and the game is still selling now and would i recommend it to a RTS player…in a heart beat even now as I see Starcraft II not only as a sequel but also as a accompany piece to the ongoing space  saga that Blizard have created  and put so much love into, I still hold my belief that this game revolutionized RTS as they just got every thing right and to make sure they supported it for many years  to make sure the fans and the players kept playing this masterpiece, and how much of a fan am I  well not only the games i have all the novels, the starcraft board game and its expansion and tweo volumes of the comic book and i still have more to collect.

Starcraft has a storyline that would make a fantastic hollywood film and if they ever decided to do make a MMO version of it well Blizzard can take my money now and also my soul which i just managed to get back of them from playing world or warcraft for far to long.



3 thoughts on “Starcraft – Must Resist FANBOYING!

  1. buzzbop says:

    nice review, never played starcraft. always meant to but never got the chance, still might get it sometime.

    • ZXSpecstar says:

      trust me amte if ou like RTS you will not be dissapointed…or if you can find a special edition copy of starcraft II going cheap get that i believe the orgianl game is thriwn in with it as a bonus

  2. bliemm says:

    yes zxspecstar stop fanboying already lol

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