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SpinnyF£$k’s Youtube channel has gone?..(edit) Now he is back?

Spinnyfuck the main man when it come’s to the ZX Spectrum gaming on YouTube has appeared to have closed down his account.(Since writing this site news it appears that he is back lol….more news at the bottom)

Spinny channel was one of the most popular channels here in the UK when it came to retro gaming on Sir Clive Sinclair’s Speccy.

For the last 8 years Spinny had uploaded thousands of ZX Spectrum games, the channel was like a ZX Spectrum archive.

I remember when I first went on YouTube over 6 years ago and typed in “ZX Spectrum” and Spinny’s channel popped up and I thought Wow! I was bombarded by hundreds of classic 8bit games that I remembered from my childhood and hundreds that I hadn’t played before and only seen in the magazines, so it became the 1st channel that i subscribed to and essential viewing.

Spinny started off with game play videos then eventually moved onto reviewing the ZX Spectrum games and I will always remember when I first heard him Speak….Spinny was the most Scottish person I had ever heard (and I used to live in Scotland), later Spinny started expressing himself ranting on about what ever he wanted with the Spectrum video playing in the background.

Why did he leave? its not clear yet but for what ever reason I’m sure everyone will agree that its not going to be the same place on Youtube now without him Spinnyfuck channel had became the place to go to see all these colour clash fantastic games.

Many ZX Spectrum channels have come and gone but I’m sure no one ever expected Spinny to leave YouTube.

Spinny where ever you are matey, I hope you all the best and thank you for all those wonderful years of showing us what the ZX Spectrum was all about, you will be missed my friend and we hope that some where done the line you come back.

(edit..So after thinking Spinny had gone for ever, it appears that he is back again but under a different guise… you can find Spinny in his new channel HAROLD GONK

Anyway down below is the video I had made when I thought Spinny had been kidnapped by aliens or gone on a quest )

2 thoughts on “SpinnyF£$k’s Youtube channel has gone?..(edit) Now he is back?

  1. TEOL says:

    I thought he was gone forever when none of his videos come up at all on my subs list.

  2. Andy says:

    yeah me too, well at least he is back

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