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Spectrum Bluetooth Keyboard funded amidst controversy


So, it’s been the talk of social media the last few days and as of last night the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum keyboard has been successfully funded via Kickstarter.

But it has hasn’t been amidst plenty of controversy… it has been claimed that a number of British developers who coded games that Elite Systems sell, have not received a penny in royalties.

Elite Systems, run by Steve Wilcox was according to its most recent Companies House records in debts of £81,388 for the year ended September 2012.

Over the last few days some backers have been demanding a refund after hearing this revelation.

Dynamite Dan I & II developer Rod Bowkett told The Register that he had no response from Wilcox since he agreed to the licence deal. Royalties have gone unpaid for successive quarters, he claimed. Bowkett added that the royalties themselves amounted to “peanuts” but alleged that Wilcox was in breach of contract for failing to make the payments. Bowkett also discovered that others within the ZX Spectrum community were also claiming to have been frozen out of royalty payments from Elite Systems Ltd, despite the company selling their retro-style games via Apple’s App Store and theWindows Store, for example. Bowkett estimated that the total amount owed to him is probably around the £10,000 mark. He said that his chief complaint was not related to the unpaid royalties, however.

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