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Sonic CD – Out now on XBLA!

Sonic is back! and this time we get to play his game that originally came out on the Mega CD.

Sonic CD is one of the best 2D Sonic titles out there and now finally loads more people will get to play this fantastic game.

The Blue spiky one is out on XBLA today and will be out on the PSN store next week.

This classic title is also be available on the iOS platform today and  Android and Windows 7 versions to follow in 2012.


One of the best things is the amazing game will be available for a surprisingly cheap 400 MSP!

This Sonic CD re-release also includes Tails the fox as a playable character, along with both the US and Japanese soundtracks for the game.

So do your self a favour and download and play one of the best Sonic games ever!

10 thoughts on “Sonic CD – Out now on XBLA!

  1. ZXSpecstar says:

    Great the best 2d sonic game to ever come out and they put tails in, way to go sega put something into the game that you didnt need lol

    But this is the game that dose have the most re playability because of the past and future elements to the whole game as to get the best ending it has to be played more then merely getting the chaos emeralds of other sonic games as your actions in the past will make the game easier in the future if you destroy the robot generator. Making you work for the best possible ending

    Also this game gave birth to Amy Rose, Perhaps the most annoying character to ever grace the sonic franchise

    • Andy says:

      I was never to keen on Sonic CD, but in fairness I’ve only ever played it for about 5mins so I haven’t really given the game a chance.

      After reading what you wrote here has made me think I might play it properly because I Skways thought the Sonic games lacked re-playability but from you mention here, it sounds like that is sorted.

      So cool when I get a bit of cash in the new year I will get this game

  2. TEOL says:

    I guess the Windows 7 will be the best then since it’s out the latest with PS3 being the better of the console versions by being the latest.

    • ZXSpecstar says:

      Nah mate its will be the same on all formats, this is the sort of game that cant be better on one system and not the other

    • malc1976 says:

      Tthe only reason its out later on the PS3 is that Sony Europe dont seem to care about when they release the games.
      They did the smae with SSF2 HD Remix and Daytona yet the games were out in the America the same time as the Xbox 360 versions.

  3. AspergerGamer64 says:

    i can’t wait to download it on stream and its really cool they added Tails as a playable character but its a pitty my xbox 360 die on me 🙁

  4. malc1976 says:

    Very cool just download its only 400 msp aswell 🙂
    I really hope Sega do more of there classic games like this

  5. pottyboy says:

    It’s out on PSN today! Just downloaded the trial and it’s pretty good.

    Only one complaint is that the japanese music that plays during the intro is different to the original Mega CD version.

  6. deadlygroove says:

    I downloaded it earlier tonight and after I eat my sub sandwich, I’m going to get into it. I already have it on the Sega CD/Mega CD but I had to get it on XBLA. Oddly enough, I also got Sonic Unleashed and I really like that game as well.

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