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Sonic CD is time traveling back this year

Good old Sega, they are bringing back their Mega CD title Sonic CD.

Sega are re-releasing this game later this year on 360s Xbla, PlayStation Network, PC, iPhone/iPad & Android.

Sonic CD originally came out in 1993 on the Mega CD then later came out out on the PC in 1996 and also in a compilation called the Sonic Gems collection which came out for the PS2 and the Games Cube.

For those of you that remember this sort of thing, you may recall that, different regions where the game was released had different music, the version we are getting this year will be the eastern version, who many claim had the superior sound track.

Please give us your feed back on this subject.

2 thoughts on “Sonic CD is time traveling back this year

  1. Will says:

    the Europe and Japanese one has the better soundtrack so why can’t we have our version for the re-released oh well

  2. Andy says:

    whoops my mistake i will edit it on the post, its actually the eastern version soundtrack we are getting.

    my mistake east….west i got confused lol

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