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Sonic 2 – Megadrive

s2-bginfo-detailsimg1fullThe amazing follow up to the classic game Sonic the hedgehog, really improved on it in so many ways.

The graphics were even nicer, the music even managed to be catchier than the previous game.

But in my eyes what m really made this game stand out was the 2 player mode
A)you had the main game where player 1 controlled Sonic and player got to help out as Tails the fox.
B)The other modes where you got to race against each other in split screen action or in a 3d running level.

Its hard to believe that this game was even faster than the first game and the amazing level design really made the game a joy to play it at break neck speeds.

The game still plays and looks as good as it did back then.

2 thoughts on “Sonic 2 – Megadrive

  1. TEOL says:

    The second world where you have to ponse about slowing down to make the jumps and gaps that world is just not what Sonic is all about thats why I prefer some of the other games in the classic series compared to it.

  2. TEOL says:

    That being said other than that world the game is pretty stellar so I can see why some people would call it the best but that world 2 lets it down a few marks for me although the music of that zone was good.

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