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Snoopy tennis Game and Watch

Today game review is Snoopy tennis on Nintendo’s Game & watch.

This was one of the G&W that I used to own back in the day, its was a really simple to pick up and play  game.

You controlled Snoopy in a game of tennis who was playing against  Charlie Brown and also Lucy who sometimes popped out of no where to join in the fun.

Snoopy is on the right hand side of the screen and can move up and down 3 spaces in a tree which is controlled by 2 up & down buttons, Charlie Brown is on the left hand side hitting a bunch of tennis balls at Snoopy who in turn must hit them back by simply pressing another button.

The game controls nice and easy and the game play is also a simple affair but then again this was just a Game & Watch!

The graphics are pretty nicely drawn considering what its running on, the peanuts characters look like they do in the cartoons and the background is just simply painted on.

Now although this game does get very repetitive and is not as good as i remember it back in the olden day, it still a nice piece of nostalgia and a great way to pass time if you are waiting for a bus.

All in all a fun little game that looks and preforms well considering that its running a on G&W.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to comment!

3 thoughts on “Snoopy tennis Game and Watch

  1. TEOL says:

    Awesome emulator. Anyway to zoom into the screen to make it full screen in your capture software or is this the best anyone can get?

  2. Andy says:

    You can zoom in just to the screen but I prefer playing and recording it with whole thing.

    I will post a link to where I got it from tomorrow and also do a video on another G&W

  3. Kamil says:

    USSR clones of these G&W games were very popular in late 80 in Poland 🙂

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