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Slightly Magic will be back in 2014 …


Unfortunately the Slightly Magic Kickstarter was unsuccessful, but Colin has this special message for us…

Project Update #6: Slightly Magic will be back in 2014…

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your support. As well as as offering to back the project, you’ve blogged, tweeted, facebooked and posted on forums worldwide. Your personal messages of support have been very encouraging, and have shown that there’s still enough interest in Slightly to make the idea of him not returning almost unthinkable.

So even though the campaign failed, in the first few months of 2014 Slightly Magic will return as a PC/Mac/Linux/Ouya game, followed closely by iOS and Android versions. Then I’ll take a look at Slightly Spooky, which I might well bring to Kickstarter as a new campaign, with a totally fabulous game demo.

Putting Slightly Magic out will be a risk for me, of course, but that seems to come with the territory these days. I’ll have more news in 2014, in the meantime I hope you have peace, love and way too much fun in whichever holidays you celebrate between then and now.

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