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SID chip inspired album: Days and Dreams

okladka 03_final02smallAs the Commodore C64 turns 30, accomplished game composer Pawel Blaszczak has created a chip-music inspired album entitled Days and Dreams.

Pawel Blaszczak is well known in gaming circles for his wonderful scores for games such as; the Call of Juarez series, Chrome, Crime Cities, Dead Island, The Witcher and Xpand Rally. Pawel is an unashamed fan of the 8-bit days, especially the iconic sound of the Commodore 64 SID chip.

Blaszczak says; “After many years of composing music for games and film, I spotted a news item that said the Commodore 64 would soon be 30 years old. I couldn’t believe it had been so long! How time flies… and that got me thinking about all the wonderful music from that time, from all the games I loved playing back in the 80s. A few weeks later I was experimenting with some 8-bit sounds, and the album just seemed to evolve from there into a full 15 track monster. I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out, and most people who hear it have been extremely receptive, telling me I’ve captured the era perfectly, and brought a new dimension to the sound of the time… a really great and humbling tribute.”

Days and Dreams on Bandcamp

Days and Dreams on iTunes

Pawel Blaszczak official website 

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