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Mega Drive documentary book launches on Kickstarter

A SEGA Mega Drive documentary art book has launched on Kickstarter and has already smashed it’s £30,000 target!

This ultimate retrospective celebrates the 25th anniversary of the console’s release. It will be an unparalleled treasury of previously unseen archive material, production artwork, interviews, development sketches and hardware manufacturing plans, launching as part of the console’s two-year-long anniversary (1988 in Japan, 1989 in North America and 1990 in Europe).

The book is written by  Guardian Games Editor Keith Stuart  and designed and compiled by Read-Only Memory. Its contents are the result of unparalleled access to the SEGA archive in Japan and to original SEGA team members.

The book will include:

  • Concept artwork, design documents and sketches for a wealth of SEGA’s 16-bit titles, including  Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog  and  Golden Axe.
  • Hardware manufacturing plans and concept illustrations.
  • 20+ exclusive interviews with legendary SEGA developers, including: Naoto Oshima (Sonic the Hedgehog), Yu Suzuki (Space Harrier) and  Yuji Naka (Sonic the Hedgehog).
  • 10,000-word essay by Keith Stuart, with contributions from Michael Katz, Trip Hawkins, Al Nilsen and more.
  • Foreword by  Dave Perry (Earthworm Jim, Aladdin).

Limited products available with the campaign include a  Poster Edition – a numbered A1 print inspired by the beautiful hardware manufacturing plans – and a  Special Edition – boxed, limited to 100 copies and featuring a specially-commissioned  illustration of Sonic the Hedgehog by Naoto Oshima.

View the campaign here

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