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Scopie’s Top 10 Scrolling Arcade Brawlers

Stroll (or should I say scroll) down memory lane as we look back on some of the greatest scrolling brawlers of the 80’s & 90’s. Who will be no#1….




3 thoughts on “Scopie’s Top 10 Scrolling Arcade Brawlers

  1. sigh says:

    Nice list!

    I would of gone:

    1) Double Dragon
    2) Renegade
    3) Golden Axe 2 (Arcade)
    4) Aliens vs Predator
    5) Vendetta/CrimeFighters 2
    6) Kung Fu Master
    7) Cadillac and Dinosaurs
    8) Combat Tribes

    ..not to sure for the last 2:p

  2. scopie says:

    Nice list also. I left out games like kung Fu Masters, Shinobi, Bad dudes etc because of the side on fixed view and just kept to the Double dragon type brawlers. Golden Axe 2 is a good one but I’ve never actually played it.

  3. deadlygroove says:

    I can’t consider Golden Axe to be a brawler or a beat em up. I consider it to be a hack n slash game like diablo. Any game where you walk around using your hands and feet for combat is a brawler or beat em up to me. Any game where you walk around with weapons is an action game but I know, where do you draw the line and how meticulous do you get with this stuff? I can tell you that I see people calling one on one fighting games like Street Fighter 2 as beat em ups and that is incorrect but that’s a different topic.

    My favorites:

    1 Double Dragon
    2 Double Dragon 2
    3 Final Fight
    4 Crime Fighters
    5 Combatribes
    6 Bad Dudes
    7 Two Crude
    8 Vigilante
    9 Tough Turf
    10 Gang Wars

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