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Rod Land: A Fairy Tale now out on the iPhone

The classic arcade game by Jaleco is on the iPhone(it’s been out now for about a month, so it’s not breaking news but thought I’d share it with you)

The classic arcade game played and was inspired by another classic coin op “Bubble Bobble” now just like the Taito game, Rod Land was a superb 2 player game of platforming fun.

The player control one of the two fairies Tam and Rit, now unlike Bub & Bob our 2 fairys are armed with a magic wand/rod now the rod doesn’t kill the baddies, but only leaves them stunned and then with your wand/rod you grab them and then you can smash them back and forth until they die.

Now the rod is not just for killing the baddies, you can also use it to make ladders.

This game is simply superb and is one of the most underrated arcade games ever.

How it will play on the iPhone is another thing though since it’s all touch screen, but from what I have seen it does look superb.

click image for app store

You can buy this game for only £1.49 from the app store

4 thoughts on “Rod Land: A Fairy Tale now out on the iPhone

  1. Daniel Richard Cordell says:

    Looks like a port of the AMIGA or Arcade versions. Looks Great.

  2. ZXSpecstar says:

    Face arcade game ever!!!! lol but this was a really good little game that def wen to take on bubble bobbles throne but could not take its throne, but had enough unique game play to be different form the others and stand out in the crowd

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