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Rock star ate my hamster – the ZX Spectrum

Rock star ate my hamster on the Zx spectrum is one of the most playable and fun games I’ve ever played to this day! Rock star ate my hamster came out in in 1991 and was published by Codemasters, the game was programmed by Colin Jones, Chris Graham and Allister Brimble.

The game was band management simulator and it was truly a great one, the reason why this game worked was it had so many special touches that made it work. The see you as 2 guys who are about to start a band so they can get rich, you can select from loads of character(who some may resemble some artist out there)

Once you select your band members you have to name your band, from there you have to make choices like what you are going to call the band,where they will play and loads more. The game had some lovely graphics that complemented the games humour, it had some really funny parodies of famous pop/rock stars of the day, those little touches really made me chuckle back in the day and playing it again for the video brought out those memories.

The game also featured some great music that once again added to the atmosphere of the game. All in all this is one of the finest games that Codemasters made back in the good old retro days and it would be fantastic to see this game get a remake.

This game is a 5 star game, which I highly recommend to everyone, please check out the video and feel free to comment.

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