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Rock ‘n Wrestle

Todays 8-bit war is Rock N Wrestle. This game is the best wresting game on any 8-bit computer! The beauty of this game is the sheer amount of moves you have at your disposal, which is an amazing feat when you consider it was controlled by a joystick and a fire button.

But its not just the amount of moves you can do but its how easy it is to preform those moves, and that really is the secret to this games success was it was really easy to get into and really feel like you were controlling the actual wrestler.

The AI in the game varies between the 3 versions but to be honest the best way to play this game is in 2 players with a friend. Back in the good old days, my cousin and I had some epic matches that really should have headlined Wrestlemania.

All in all this is a superb Wrestling game, and I even prefer it to the more modern wrestling games like the Smackdown VS Raw series.

One of the best and most underrated. If you have never played this game back in the good old days, you have to play it now as it has aged well. please check out the video and feel free to comment.

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