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Review: Quattro Power by Codemasters


Review by MrSid
In the good old days you could get budget titles for the 8bit machines for a measly £2.99. A massive bargain and considering that you could get a game as big and involved as Dizzy for this price, it was amazing. One of the biggest publishers in this price bracket was the legendary Codemasters. On whole they made some brilliant games including the Dizzy series, Little Puff, ATV Simulator and BMX Simulator.

Later on Codemasters then started grouping these games four to a tape. So now you got four games for £2.99, unbelievable value! This range was called ‘Quattro’ and in the series you had Quattro Power, Sport, Adventure and loads more. My favourite was Quattro Power as it featured four really good games that are all up there as my favourites. I think the Spectrum version didn’t have Super G-Man, but was replaced with Twin Turbo V8. So this is essentially a review of the Commodore 64 version but two of the games I remember more fondly on the ZX Spectrum which my best mate had.

MotoXMoto X
The first game on the pack was Moto X. Kind of like Kickstart but more zoomed in. Set as a side view, you go from left to right on your motorbike and the aim is to get to the end in a set time without falling off. You had to pull back when going over bumps and pressing fire would make you jump over various obstacles which was a real challenge. The second level then turns to a overhead view with the same gameplay concept, just a different view. Both viewpoints were equally hard and really really frustrating and I can remember wanting to throw my joystick out of the window in a rage of frustration but for some reason kept on coming back to Moto X. It also had a great theme tune by Matt Gray. Overall an awesome game. 4/5

PowerBoatPro Powerboat
Next up was Pro Powerboat and my memories of this game are mainly on the ZX Spectrum. You get to choose to race as a speedboat or a more sporty type of racing boat. The aim of the game is to avoid the obstacles and get to the end of the course. Opposition boats will try and barge you into the rocks and on your journey you must collect flags for points, fuel and mines. You have to slow down, speed and up negotiate through tight gaps, make jumps and avoid enemy mines. Great game. Pretty basic but well executed and like all Codemasters games it plays really well. 5/5

ATVATV Simulator
Absolute classic. Again only really remember this on the Spectrum. Similar in gameplay to Moto X but this time you are on a quad bike. You go from left to right avoiding various objects and negotiating varying rough terrain. Do you see a theme developing here?! Each level is a different terrain like sand or snow and represents a new challenge. The difference with ATV Simulator though is that if you hit an object you fall off and then control the driver kind of like Road Rash. You must then run back you your quad and get back on and carry on. Really fun game that is real challenge with nice chunky graphics and a excellent soundtrack by David Whittaker. 5/5

GMANSuper G Man
The fourth and final game is Super G-Man. Yep you guessed it, you go from left to right avoiding obstacles. This time you play a spaceman with a thruster pack on. Pressing fire adds trust and you move upwards. It plays really quickly and like most Codemasters games its addictive and easy to play.  4/5

Overall how can you complain? Four very good games for £2.99. You can’t even get a pint for that nowadays. Back in the day these four games would have given anyone hours of gameplay. They may be simplistic but as they say less is more and thats why do this day Quattro Power is well worth a look.

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