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Review: Batman The Movie on C64


RetroTasticReview by MrSid
Batman The Movie was a game released by Ocean in 1989. It was programmed by Zach Townsend and the music was composed by Matthew Cannon. It was a movie licence for the Batman film released the same year starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Ocean are famed for their good and bad movie licence games and this one is right up there with the best.

The game is interesting as each level is a different type of game, almost 4 mini games. The first and last are platform beat em ups. The second and fourth are driving and the third is a puzzle game. Each one follows the plot of the film pretty faithfully (which was a rarity back then).

I remember getting Batman for Christmas 89 or 90 and first off been impressed with the box art. Plain black with a gold Batman logo. The Ocean logo, usually blue was also in gold. It looked really cool and different to the usual game art. If I remember rightly, it also came with a logo sticker. Batman The Movie was received really well when released and got really good reviews in the magazines.


Really good detailed graphics. The colours arn’t very bright, as with most games on the C64 but I think it suits the game as the film is pretty dark in it’s subject. The loading screen is particular good. A great image of Batman and The Joker. Accompanied with the Ocean loader music, things don’t get much better.

Matthew Cannons finest moment. Really great intro music and equally good level music that changes per level. The music really suits the game and I quite like the way that they resisted temptation to just do a SID rendition of the classic Batman theme tune. If you have not heard the Spectrum rendition on the theme tune, it’s also well worth a listen and in some ways suits the sound chip better.

This is Batmans strongest card. Each type of ‘mini game’ plays brilliantly. The controls are responsive and really easy to get into. On the platform levels, Batman uses his bat rope to climb to higher platforms instead of jumping. It’s unique, fun and works really well.

To this day Batman the Movie stands up as a great game. It plays well, has simple gameplay and is really good fun.

(In my humble opinion) Oceans best movie licence. Every aspect of Batman The Movie has been thought through it, it feels like real love and time has been put into producing this great game. From the graphics to the gameplay to the music, it really is a must play game.

It was also released on the Spectrum, Amstrad and Amiga. All of these versions are fantastic and well worthchecking out. Especially the Amiga Batmobile level which is stunning.

3 thoughts on “Review: Batman The Movie on C64

  1. glenn says:

    I played this on the c64 its good game but its very hard to complete

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