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Review: Back to Skool on the ZX Spectrum


RetroTasticReview by Avenie
Back to Skool was released by Microsphere in 1985. It was programmed by David S. Reidy and Keith Warrington. It was a sequel to the very popular Skool Daze released the year before with the object of the game being to steal your report card. This time around though a girls school has been added to the game.

In Back to Skool it’s Eric’s task to return his forged report card back to the headmasters safe. There are a lot of items to help Eric complete this undertaking. You always have your catapolt, after some searching of the desks in both schools you may come across stink bombs and a water pistol to aid you in your quest. You also have the oppotunity to catch mice, they appear as little moving lumps, imagine a mouse running under your carpet, if you time it right and do manage to catch one it’s added into your inventory for later use.

As in any school you have a great cast of characters, all of which can be renamed, this can add a lot more atmosphere to the game. You can add old school mates or enemies names to the differeny charaters. Exactly the same can be done with the teachers, put in your favorite or most hated teachers from back in the day, great fun.

The graphics are nice and colouful, well animated with nice detail.


This is the one area I feel a little disapointed with, I do like the sound of Eric moving, it lets you know if he’s walking or running. However when a teacher gives you lines, the sound effect can get a little annoying at times.

I do consider this as one of the first sandbox games I played, you can quite happily complete the game. If on the other hand you would just like to cause some mayhem and have a laugh, well you can do just that, whatever takes your fancy.

Myself and friends had many hours of fun with this, most of the time we didn’t even try to complete it, spent most of our time giving einstien a good beateating as revenge for him informing the teacher about every little thing we did. Finding stink bombs, setting them off during class, just generally beaing as mischevious as we could.

For me it stands up amazingly it’s still a very playable and enjoyable game to this day. It’s great for a ten minute blast and take out your agression on students and teachers alike.

For me this is the finest game to ever grace the humble Speccy. A lot of people may disagree with me as I know first hand there’s tons of amazing titles available for the machine. This is the only game I constistently keep going back to, I’ve played this at least half a dozen times every year since it was released. In my eyes if your into Spectrum games this is a must play game.

3 thoughts on “Review: Back to Skool on the ZX Spectrum

  1. den.aris says:

    Agreed. Stunning game.

    Contact Sam Cruise is one I keep going back to as well, obviously developed on the same engine.

  2. mrsid says:

    Classic game. Great review mate

  3. avenie says:

    Thanks guys. This game really has a special place in my heart, some of my fondest memories of spectrum gaming are associated with it, memories I will cherish all my life.

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