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Revenge of Shinobi – Megadrive



One of the greatest Shinobi games, Revenge of Shinobi was Sega’s ninja first outing on the Megadrive and it’s one of his best outings on the 16bit system.

What i find amazing about this game is that this game came out in 1989 in Japan on the Megadrive which makes it one of the earlier games on that system and what a game it is.

Gameplay is fantastic, it slowly draws you in with the first few levels and after that your hooked, the gameplay is really that good.

Music is another area where this game stands out, as all the music in the game is superb.

The graphics get better as the game goes on and each level are different and varied enough to keep the fun going.

Keep an eye out for Spiderman,Batman and Godzilla who show up as end of levels bosses.

I highly recommend this game to any retro gamer and especially to fans of the Shinobi series.

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