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Retromaniac of the Month: Aaron White


In this new feature we put one of our amazing listeners under the spotlight and ask them a few questions.

This month our Retromaniac of the Month is Aaron White. You can follow Aaron on twitter @aaronub4t

  1. Name/nickname
    Aaron White
  2. Age
  3. 3 fave games
    The Secret Of Monkey Island, Powerdrift, Batman The Movie
  4. Favourite music in a game
    Opening sequence in Monkey Island
  5. Favourite computer/console
    Amiga A1200/Sega Saturn
  6. Currently playing
    Toki (Amiga version)
  7. Last game played
    Simon The Sorcerer
  8. Worst game
    Transformers by Ocean
  9. Twitter handle
  10. YouTube
  11. Your website or fave website
    Lemon Amiga
  12. 1st game you ever played
    Roland’s Rat Race by Ocean on the C64
  13. Favourite moment in a game
    Shaking your fist at someone as you pass them in Powerdrift
  14. Favourite gaming company
  15. Favourite programmer
    Zach Townsend
  16. Complete this sentence : I would love to…
    I would love to be creative enough to make music for games
  17. Other hobbies
    Football, Protracker (Amiga music tracker)
  18. Secret crush
    Maria Whittaker
  19. Who would play you in the movie version of you
    Tim Roth
  20. Random fact about you
    I am a fully qualified Fork Lift Truck Instructor

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