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Retro Game Base Shop!

Great news people! Retro game base has a physical shop in streatham london, you can buy Software, hardware, peripherals, merchandise and new import 8bit/16bit hardware. Also there are arcade machines and a cafe to chat to all your friends about everything retro.

The shop is open now so go and visit and give them all your money, this sounds like a great place for all retro fans to go and meet like minded people. The retro asylum team will definetly be visiting retro game base soon. Check out the Retro Game Base ebay shop and visit there facebook and twitter. links below.!/retro_game_base


3 thoughts on “Retro Game Base Shop!

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for uploading this buddy 🙂
    I’ve been ultra busy with painting my house.

    But yeah I’m gonna check this out in the next few days
    Expect loads of photos and a video + hopefully a interview somewhere down the line:)

  2. den.aris says:

    Splendid. Bit of a trek for me but will try my hardest to get there this year.

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