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Retro Asylum’s Special Report video at Play Expo 2012

Join the UK’s number 1 Retro Gaming Podcast “the Retro Asylum Podcast” at Event City for the biggest retro gaming event Play Expo 2012 Manchester.

The Retro Asylum Lads traveled all the way from Essex up to Manchester to experience all the classic retro systems and games from the good old days.

Swainy and Andy arrived on the Saturday morning only to be greeted by a huge queue that seemed to go on for ever but luckily  the lads had kindly been given Press Passes that allowed them to skip the queue and were allowed straight into the venue.

From the get go with press passes and Retro Asylum T-shirts, Swainy and Andy the Podcast team wondered around the expo.

The lads were truly in awe of the size of the venue and the amount of systems that were there, it really felt like they had been transported back in time.

There was huge selection of machines ranging from ZX81 ,Atari 2600 to classic arcade games, it really was a case of spot the system, as every system imaginable was there.

Play Expo was not just about the games and different systems, there was loads of retro gaming legends walking around such as the amazing Ocean Artist Bob Waklin and also the eccentric Jeff Minter who when we first spotted him was wearing a llama head.

Everyone was really approachable and it was a amazing experience talking to these legends and they gladly shared their stories from the good old days.

There was also loads of cool stands to visit, selling a variety of different things such Retro GT with there Retro gaming related merchandise, T-shirts,oyster wallets.

Console Passion were also there selling a huge selection and variety of retro games and consoles.

This years event was a huge success and it was jam packed with gaming fans from all different ages,it was amazing see kids playing arcade machines that were made before they were even born.

This event really showcased that retro gaming is back and its never going away and that different generation of gamers can all truly enjoy this amazing

The Retro Asylum Team really enjoyed the event and cant wait for next year Play Expo 2013

Hope you all enjoy the video and please feel free to comment and if you would like to see more photos of Play Expo please click on this link.



10 thoughts on “Retro Asylum’s Special Report video at Play Expo 2012

  1. glenn says:

    Liked the video guys you did very well showing all the systems and talked about them in good detail it good to do the vid when its quiet so no one in the way of the consoles

    It looked like you did most of the vids when Im still at work shame a could not be there when it opened

  2. Andy says:

    Glad you like the video glenn, yeah we spent the whole 1st hour just filming while everyone including Tony was queuing outside in the cold lol

    next year though buddy we will do it all again and have twice the fun

  3. TEOL says:

    Nady’s take finally. I was waiting for this.

  4. Andy says:

    No worries that can be my new nickname Nady:-) lol

    Glad you liked it teol, but big thanks to Swainy who edited the video and I have to agree he did a supereb job.

    We have got a few supprises lined up.

    I will give 1 away we interview Mike Montgomery for Ep 25.

    And we have 2 versions the edited audio which is on Ep 25 which is also our years anniversary of the show and also a video podcast .

    Best thing is its,Swainy,Glenn and I all together have fun recording the show in unedited glory lol

  5. TEOL says:

    Andy is there a plan of videoing what you actually brought from the event. I would like to see the Games and Systems you got for the good old games shed conversion.

  6. Adam says:

    You guys look like you had a brilliant time at the expo. 🙂 Shame I couldn’t make it 🙁

  7. Wow you guys I am Well Jell. I would have loved to have gone to this but sadly (well happily in fact) life has got in the way, shoved me into an alley and nicked my wallet.

    Fantastic video though and really interesting to see the scale of the event and the huge range of machines on display. Fingers crossed for next year..!

    • Andy says:

      yeah no worries mate, i know you got a lot on at the moment but if you can make it next year that would be cool.

      We only really showed the retro side of it as there was loads of modern gaming too

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