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Retro Asylum T-shirts now on sale!!

For all you you retromaniacs out there, We here at the Retro Asylum are proud to announce that we now have Retro Asylum T-shirts.

These T-shirts that can be seen in these Photos modeled by the Retro Asylum Podcast Team and co, cost only £8.99!!!

Endangermice aka Damien wearing the Retro Asylun T-shirt with style andlooking cooler than the Fonz!!

So if you want to look as good as we do, or want to improve your sex appeal to all the ladies out there then when not pick one up of these superb t-shirts.

These T-shirt will make you look even cooler than Swainy when wearing them!!

If you are interested in one of these amazing T-shirts, you can buy one for only £8.99 by using the Pay Pal Button on the site of the site, please let us know what size you would like and we will post them to you within 2 weeks.
All money from the t-shirts will go straight into the Retro Asylum Fund where we pay for site hosting and other site related stuff.

Even the famous Ocean artist Bob Waklin couldn’t keep his hand of these amazing T-shirts

6 thoughts on “Retro Asylum T-shirts now on sale!!

  1. Damien says:

    lol, I’m not sure if wearing a T-Shirt over a shirt could ever be considered cool!

    Swainy your camera has done an excellent job of actually making me look thin – nice one! The T-shirts are excellent guys – great work!

  2. Andy says:

    You manged to pull it off some how Damien the tshirt over the shirt lol and still look cool:)

    Great catching up with you mate and we will have to all get together at some point soon

  3. TEOL says:

    Good idea. Great for the network bill.

    • Andy says:

      Yeah totally teol.

      The amount of downloads and listeners has grown(and with that our podomatic bill) so fast that they only way to keep producing these shows is buy selling these tshirts and other merchandise and to be sponsored.

      Luckily we have been sponsored till the end of November 🙂

      And as for merchandise if we sell a few tshirts we have got plans for loads of other cool things.

  4. TEOL says:

    Too bad that any fully printed T-Shirts brands don’t cater for my type of body size tall and fat only plain T-Shirts an minimal printed ones but it’s still a great little printed product for those from Extra Small to standard X-Tra Large and it will help the site greatly if you just go onto Paypal and buy one for yourself or a lover, or your mother.

  5. Andy says:

    Would you ship overseas? NZ?
    Wondering what the P&P would be.

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