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Retro Asylum Remembers: The Atari 7800

Retro Asylum takes a look at the console that was expected to rise like a pheonix from the ashes for Atari back in 1984, however a video game crash, change of ownership and a two year delay put a stop to Atari remaining the number one in console gaming. Designed by out of house developement team GCC, the Atari 7800 is a great console for those old school gamers who enjoy Atari 2600 games but want to also play titles that are a bit more up to date.

8 thoughts on “Retro Asylum Remembers: The Atari 7800

  1. Andy says:

    Great vid mate, loved my Atari back in the day but I think I’m even more confused to which Atari I owned back in the day
    A junior or 7800 ???

    I had no idea they nicked the idea of Pong.

    Love the little plug at the end mate, great vid mate

  2. Dean Swain says:

    Cheers mate. Yeah the 7800 & 2600 Jnr look very alike, im guessing you had the 2600 Jnr as you once mentioned that it had the other style controllers that came with the American version of the 7800. These were also bundled with the European 2600 Jnr.

  3. TEOL says:

    The 7800 was perhaps the best Atari. It played basic Atari games and advanced on the same system which was a treat until the crash that didn’t really happen here in the UK as such came.

  4. AspergerGamer64 says:

    if Atari 7800 came out 1 year before the NES it would have save the gaming market

  5. glenn says:

    good vid Dean Swain nice to see you review a Atari console I did play 7800 on emulation your correct on the sound it was out dated but at the time I think that Jack was more interested in the home computer like the atari st at the time

  6. TEOL says:

    What a good post for the return as well although it’s only a backup from a few days ago that I missed but because I missed it during first run that does make it an extra special return topic for me.

  7. ZXSpecstar says:

    Great vid mate the 7800 had a lot of potential but fell short of the Nes but a great video and history over look over this little system and hey at least pac man looked liek pac man

    Ant it wasnt powered by sand it was powered by AWESOMENESS

  8. scopie says:

    Nice vid, I didn’t realize the graphic capabilities were quite this good. Choplifter and the motorbike game look surprisingly good. The size of the biker sprite is huge.

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