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Retro Asylum Podcast – The episode that did’nt quite make it!

Hello Retromaniacs welcome to another episode of the Retro Asylum  Podcast…….well sort of!

This was meant to be episode 14 and I had recorded a whole hour but due to technical difficulties and my own stupidity it only recorded 5mins.

So rather than not release a show this week i decided to just release the episode “that  didn’t quite make it”

I do promise that next week Friday we will have the best podcast ever!


9 thoughts on “Retro Asylum Podcast – The episode that did’nt quite make it!

  1. Damn it man, we want a podcast, not excuses! 😉

    • Andy says:

      Hahaha…episode 14 will be a really good one to make up for my mistake.

      We are gonna do a 8bit wars …spectrum vs Amstrad vs c64.
      Should be a good epiosde

  2. pottyboy says:

    Awww… bugger! What a shame 🙁

    Funnily enough, Audacity on Mac OS X is playing up on my machine as well. Been converting all my old Now That’s What I Call Music tapes. Was fine until I tried to save Side 4 of volume 5, whereby it just froze 🙁 Luckily, it’s just that one side that’s been affected, so it’s no big deal. Just means I have to listen to it again 🙂

  3. Andy says:

    Yeah s#*t happens …it happens at least once to every podcasters .

    But all in all Ep 14 should be a blinder of episode

  4. jackolantern says:

    I thought it was ace, really enjoyed the Directors commentary of the directors commentary. Kept making me think that you had messed up and I was listening to a duplicate audio file playing later each time.

  5. Andy says:

    Glad you liked the directors commentary on the directors commentary:D

    I thought Id do something a bit different with the 5mins I did manage to salvage.

    Glad you liked the show mate..

    Around August I’ve got a very intresting week lined up

  6. Wait a minute… Glenn missed the show because he was AT THE GYM?

  7. malc1976 says:

    Sometime things go wrong the last Retro Resistance Street Fighter part 2 me and Tony have recorded has got to be recorded again.
    Its just one of theam cant be help still this was fun to listen to mate 🙂

  8. Andy says:

    yeah it happens to every podcaster, its a shame but buy hey no harm done.

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