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Episode 7 – Like Top Gear for Retro Gamers!


The UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back for 2012 with even more retro gaming fun!

Your hosts are Swainy and Andy and in todays show they talk about what they’ve been up to – Swainy tells us what new toy Santa brought him for Christmas and Andy talks about his plans for the site for 2012.

There’s also site news, game reviews of Cyclone and Kickstart 2, music of the month and in topic of the month the guys reminisce about Newsfield’s classic Speccy magazine, Crash.

All that plus much more!

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Download the episode:
Episode 7 – Like Top Gear for Retro Gamers!

14 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Like Top Gear for Retro Gamers!

  1. Dean Swain says:

    Sorry about the sound problem guys, down to my mic I think.

  2. Andy says:

    I don’t think it was your mic mate, I think it was mine.
    I was holding the slightly further away to avoid popping(I hate popping with a vengence) but it must have been to far away, so when I levelled the sound because my audio was quiter it made back hiss louder.
    But no worries mate,

    The main thing podcast content was gold and it’s all fun and games:)

  3. Chris says:

    Firstly, congratulations to yourself and your good wife on the baby news Andy.

    Enjoyed the podcast as usual.

    Two games i always wanted to finish but never managed to were Back to Skool and How to be a Complete Bastard. I also never managed to get any gold discs on Rockstar Ate My Hamster.

    I always wished that Sex ‘n’ Drugs ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll, the game that destroyed Sensible Software had been released.

  4. Andy says:

    Thanks mate, for you kind comments.
    Yeah my wife and I are completely over the moon about being parents:)

    Completely agree with back to skool and how to be complete bastard, 2 games I woul love to finish but don’t know if I have the skill too now a days lol

    Thanks for all your support to the site and fr listening to be podcast

  5. pottyboy says:

    Wow that’s great to hear you’re expecting! You could always call it Dylan or Denzil if it’s a boy, or Daisy or Dora if it’s a girl 🙂

    Another excellent episode that I really enjoyed listening to on my iPhone whilst I was out walking. I can’t believe Swainy has never played the C64 version of Kikstart II! That was a superb game! Me and my brother would spend hours playing that and would often play around with the course designer 🙂 I’ve got Cyclone and TLL on Elite’s Spectrum emulator for the iPhone, though I haven’t played it much. Would have to give that and TLL another go.

    Oh and thanks for the little shout at the end. I have to agree with Swainy that the Amiga is not the easiest machine to emulate because, although the actual emulation is pretty much spot on, it’s difficult to get the games running if you’re new to the Amiga because some knowledge of how the Amiga works is required. As for Double Dragon, I may give that another go on MAME at some point. I think the problem was that I never got the chance to play the coin-op or any of the home conversions at the time (remember that I’m 3 years younger than Glenn!). By the time I got to play it on MAME a few years back I was in love with the likes of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage, both of which I played years before on the Mega Drive. These two games took the gameplay of Double Dragon and improved on it. I’m not saying DD is a bad game, it’s just that compared to those two games I don’t think it has aged that well.

  6. Andy says:

    haha maybe i can call the baby Zaks the evil wizard lol

    really glad you liked the podcast mate and also i had to give you a shout out as you are one of the people that makes this site what it is:)

    Ive played cyclone now since we recorded the podcast and its really good and impressive when you consider when the game came out.

    I think for Double dragon it was a case that the fan fare that went behind it when i was younger in the arcade, its a great game that i loved and still do, the gameplay is fun and good and i guess a lot if it is rose tined glasses of nostalgia(and thats a subject we will talk about for the next podcast)

    Streets of rage and golden axe are great games too.

  7. Glenn says:

    Hi guys I enjoy the show when I seen you Dean Swain at the game show in blackpool I nether thought your 37 gosh you look good for your age lol and congratulations andy a being a father again you be buying baby cloths soon mate LOL

    I liked kickstart 2 on the c64 shame i can never good at and I use the games maker to make my games its takes time to get use to it but when you know the basics its brilliant tool to use and I also love Turrican 2 intro music on amiga a classic keep up good work

    • Andy says:

      thanks glenn both me and my wife are over the moon with joy and happiness:)

      yeah i think swainy has found a fountain of youth lol

      kick start 2 is awesome game, maybe you could make your own version using the gamesmaker?

      looking forward to recording our next episode

  8. stotz31 says:

    Happy New Year chaps! Thanks for doing another great podcast, really enjoyed it.
    Andy, great news. Hope your making the most of the free time you have at the moment. Dizzy for a baby’s name?, well if you have twins i can see them being called Andrew and Philip!
    Keep up the good work!

    We had a release last year of Defender of the Crown for the iphone. Has anyone heard anything else on other Cinemaware releases?

    • Andy says:

      happy new year to you to mate:)
      we got loads more retro gaming podcast on there way over the next few months

      Dont know how i will find the time to record podcasts when the baby is born, but i will try and find a way some how that wont interfere with family life.

      As for baby names i might put something on the forum about this for a bit of a laugh

      Defender of the crown, never played but might pick it up on the iphone

  9. Damien says:

    As always fantastic pod-cast guys, I really enjoyed it. Sorry for the late response, I’m currently skiing in the Alps and have only just got your text Andy!! Cant wait for the next show you guys rock retro!!

  10. Andy says:

    Cheers mate:)
    My audio was kinda poor but hopefully new mic will sort it out by ep 10

    Skiing in the

    When ever I think of skiing I always think of that bond movie or the milk tray ad:)

    Hope you have fun matey

  11. malc1976 says:

    Another great show im abit later listening to it this time had trouble with my internet again.
    Congratulations andy on being a dad again
    Ive never played Cyclone but Kick start 2 is a great game i used to have it on my C64
    that just made me think i dont think ive ever played or seen the first Kick start game maybe someone on here has?

    • Andy says:

      Sorry for the late reply I’ve just been been busy for the last few days non stop.

      But yeah the first kick start game I think was only on the c64 and it wasn’t that great, the sequel went along way to improve it.

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