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Episode 29 – Christmas Retro Gaming Memories


Welcome to the Christmas episode of the UK’s No. 1 Retro Gaming Podcast.

In today’s festive episode, the Retro Asylum team tell you about their Christmas Retro gaming memories from their childhood.

We all hope that you enjoy each of our five Christmas memories, which are very different but also very similar in many ways.

Find out…

… what Andy got for his Christmas present one year?

… what scared Glenn one Christmas morning?

… what Christmas game does Matt play over the festive season?

… what nasty shock did Retro Darren (Foggy) get one year?

… and what retro gaming memory will Swainy share with us?

On behalf of the Retro Asylum Team, “We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year”.

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Download the episode:
Episode 29 – Christmas Retro Gaming Memories

11 thoughts on “Episode 29 – Christmas Retro Gaming Memories

  1. Adam says:

    Merry Xmas to all of you. 🙂

    I remember spending many Christmases opening presents that had either Spectrum or Mega Drive games. 🙂

  2. darren says:

    Good work guys and have a merry christmas!

    I actually laughed out loud at Darren’s story. 😀

  3. glenn says:

    good xmas show everybody enjoyed the xmas stories Its nice to know all about other co hosts xmas experience

  4. TEOL says:

    Great show but not the best selection of Christmas music as it was all looping and annoying especially The Snowman which has been on 3 times on my current point of play. 😛

    • TEOL says:

      Nevermind The Snowman later on music tracks seemed to be edited worse including an area with 2 mixed at one time which went on about 5 times.

      Enjoyed the full show now it’s finished but definitely could have been mixed with more tracks and been much better music wise it’s not to our best regular podcast standards at all as far as the music and the mixing of music in segments repeating and getting annoying but other than that it had great banter content like usual which is what we all listen for not really the stuff I am criticizing.

      • Andy says:

        Like I said in the previous comment dan, having a full time job and working through the whole xmas period and family time left me
        With no free time to edit.

        You need to understand that i have a life out side of the podcast and as much as i love recording and editing the show, my family and work life will always come first.

        I was gonna just do the show with out music but just added for a bit if a festive feeling, but again 3ins editing is not enough, I would have liked to have edited for over 6hrs like normal, but time was against me.

        But I’m sure you can’t deny the fact that everyone told a great Xmas memory.

        • TEOL says:

          I understand thats what I thought. It didn’t take away from the content at all so it was still a good episode.

          I wasn’t the best show we ever had because of the music problems but it was decent so it’s good that you released it even in the rushed state it was in just in time to get it up by Christmas.

    • Andy says:

      It was a bit of a rush job on part as i had absouloutly no time and just had cut and paste the music in, due family time,work over Xmas.
      Took me 30mins as apposed to the normal 6hrs

  5. den.aris says:

    I personally think the music is spot on. All the classics that remind us of Christmas.

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