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Episode 29.5 – 16-bit wars


Welcome to the last Retro Asylum Podcast of 2012.

In this episode, your hosts are Andy Godoy and Glenn Atkinson. The lads tell you a little about what they have been up to and also bring up the big debate – What was the better machine, the Sega Megadrive or the Super Nintendo? Who will win the 16-bit wars?

All this plus loads more retro gaming fun and games. Thanks to everyone for listening and downloading the show and for giving us all your support, we wish you all a great new year.

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Download the episode:
Episode 29.5 – 16-bit wars

6 thoughts on “Episode 29.5 – 16-bit wars

  1. Dean Swain says:

    A very funny episode, Glenn always crack’s me up with his pronunciations. Great stuff!

  2. TEOL says:

    Would love to see this with video footage for an feature length episode.

    • TEOL says:

      Joking. That would obviously waste too much time but I can see the pictures of a new 16-it Wars video to the podcast of it with my imagination which is just as good. 😀

  3. trantor says:

    Loved the ep. Nice choice of games. I agree though it’s hard to compare the two, especially since the Megadrive launched two years before the SNES. That makes a huge difference in the libraries and power of the systems. The one area you should have tested were sports games, where the Z80 processor in the Genesis made it the number one system for those games. Fifa, Madden and NBA Live were series that excelled on Sega’s system.

  4. glenn says:

    I enjoyed the podcast just in bed with bad flu and it has made me fell that little bit better

    what I have learned by doing this podcast is if super Nintendo and mega drive both programed properly can produce such good games some game some better on the mega drive some are better on the super Nintendo.

    super Nintendo will always be console i remember because i owned one but the mega drive that was cool console too

  5. darren says:

    You don’t really see a great deal of differences between games these days, when they are released on multiple platforms. Just watch a comparison of an xbox 360 game to a ps3 and there is almost no difference.

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