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Episode 28.5 – Kickstarter and Retro Gaming


The UK’s No. 1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back with another dose of retro gaming goodness.

In this week’s show, your host is Matt Denaris, who talks about a number of different retro gaming topics such as…

Kickstarter and retro gaming going side by side by side as programmers try and get their retro games funded.

Since Christmas is just round the corner, Matt tells us his memories of Christmas presents and also reads out the retromaniacs’ feedback from the forum.

Matt also tells us how you can win a N64.

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Download the episode:
Episode 28.5 – Kickstarter and Retro Gaming

4 thoughts on “Episode 28.5 – Kickstarter and Retro Gaming

  1. TEOL says:

    My opinion on Kickstarter still stands how it is. I think it’s a good idea for the retro gaming community but it’s not executed well at all because none of the prices for the on disk editions reflect real world RRP prices so they are ripoffs.

    I certainly won’t be backing up any of them unless they start putting real world RRP’s for full on disk editions into considerations on their projects.

    I think Kickstarter would be a better thing if it was like Retro Asylum and you can put as little or as much as you like and get rid of the silly set prices thing altogether as they don’t work with me as I know what a real world RRP is.

    Once my Paypal gets sorted though as I had to put a new changed around bank account in I’m thinking of actually putting some in for RA unless I forget because that is more like my type of backing no rip off set prices that do not meat RRP prices like £100 for a CD version edition of Dizzy where the special edition is the only way of getting a full disk edition and it’s at a higher price than regular special edition games which go for about £50-£75.

    Now you can see my point to why I refuse to back Kickstarter projects whether I like the look and sound of the games or not.

    It’s a really heated debate this Kickstarter thing and everyone has their view on it. I’m on the neutral side of good idea executed by the Kickstarter company badly as the people making them have to use the template fixed prices the KS company gives them and they can’t set it up manually to the real world prices that even they want to set them as so instead they just type in stuff in the silly price templates they are given.

    I’d rather back Oliver Twins an Ocean directly via Paypal over backing a Kickstarter with it’s dogey starting price templates.

  2. den.aris says:

    Interesting view. I can see where you’re coming from and could agree with you. However I think we’re actually seeing a new business model starting to emerge. What developer wouldn’t want to go out to their demographic and try get money up front for a game they want to produce?

    Definitely needs some tweaking and like you say the prices may not reflect real world prices just yet but there are some carrots dangled for your price to get a little more than just the stock product.

    I still do feel it’s a little cheeky as it takes the risk out of developing the product in question. It’s a safe business model and I fear we may lose some of the pioneering we’ve seen through the years where people, inventors, developers, musicians etc take risks and put their money on the line for something they believe in.

    I’m interested to see how KS develops.

  3. TEOL says:

    Agree. I hope Kickstarter develops into a much better thing. These default set prices from KS themselves thing is not working for them and is what puts me off putting anything in because who would want a PDF edition of a book for the price you want to put in if you do not have a Kindle or IPhone which I don’t your only choice would be to go for a book edition and for that of the Ocean one its £25 because KS doesn’t allow the people that makes them use their own prices.

    In reality a large thick book now costs £12 – £14.99 or a small thick book £9.99 with the kiddies thinner books being less going into the fivers or less range these days.

    Thats what my view on it is all about but I do think my view is getting annoying even for myself to see as I’m re-typing it too many times now but if it’s a view I’m passionate about to make that place better it’s worth all the plugging so the makers of KS listen and put in the manual pricing settings replacing the rip off current model.

    Sadly I doubt the makers of the Kickstarter gaming section visits our humble place to get my idea from my view on the current standings of the place.

  4. stoysville says:

    Enjoyed the show thanks. Sounds like you were unlucky with your Amigas though, I’ve still got mine from 1987 (I bought it from Silica shop) and it still works! 🙂

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