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Episode 26 – Top 10 Amiga Racers


The UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back with more retro gaming fun and games.

In today’s episode we introduce our two latest additions to the Retro Asylum Podcast team, Matt (aka Denaris, who hosted two earlier episodes) and Retro Darren (aka Foggy, who was a guest on community retro gaming summer).

You maybe be asking yourself where are the other guys? Where’s Andy? Where’s Swainy? And of course where is most popular man/co-host of the show, Glenn?

Well the lads decided to take a week off to chill out and recharge their batteries and also wanted to expand the Retro Asylum team by giving two other retro gaming fans and listeners of the show the opportunity to present the show.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s always a good idea to keep the show fresh and exciting, and adding new blood to the show will enhance the amazing winning formula that we have already.

In today’s show the lads tell you what they been up to, what they’ve been playing, and also do one heck of a top 10 on Amiga racing games. All that plus loads more.

Do leave a comment and give us feedback on our new co-hosts.

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Download the episode:
Episode 26 – Top 10 Amiga Racers

21 thoughts on “Episode 26 – Top 10 Amiga Racers

  1. Andy says:

    Hey guys just wanted to say be the 1st one to say well done.
    Interesting top 10, I learned something new since I was not amiga owner.

    I’m sure next time you guys record the magic will grow and grow.

  2. Dean Swain says:

    Yeah a good show guys, a few of the games I had forgotten about I’m ashamed to say. I do miss my Amiga 1200!!!

  3. retrodarren says:

    thanks! ,enjoyed doing it , also thanks for matts editing skills!

  4. den.aris says:

    Don’t miss it Dean. Embrace it and buy one again, the best computer ever created.

  5. Dean Swain says:

    No the best computer ever created was the Speccy, you didn’t need any of that workbench nonsense to code on that. 2nd best maybe though 🙂

  6. trantor says:

    Loved the podcast! Looking forward to the next category. Maybe the overall scores should be the only ones counted, what with Stunt Track Racer getting such a raw deal. 🙂

  7. retrodarren says:

    kinda prefer the ratings system done that way otherwise it will just be what games Me and Matt personally think should go where in the top 10. this way its a bit of a mystery what the final result will be – even for us!

  8. den.aris says:

    Stuntcar Trantor 😉 yes I was shocked where that come in the end.

    Feedback appreciate everyone!

    Think I need to drink more cider on the next one…

  9. TEOL says:

    Can’t believe this episode slipped under my radar. Gonna listen to it later. Was busy turning my YouTube channel into a bit of a Retro Asylum plug site.

  10. scopie says:

    Great effort guys, I think you were on the mark with most of them. I personally enjoyed Lotus 1 the most due to the many tense and competitive races myself and I friend would have. Plus the great music tracks would have us humming along and really got the adrenalin pumping! Lotus 2 had the improved graphics and full screen single player option but didn’t offer the tracks anymore in favour of the Outrun time attack gameplay which I didn’t like as much. Still, you have to say the level variety was much improved who could forget racing through fog for the first time or the night time stage. Formula One was awesome at the time, couldn’t drag mates away from it!

  11. jackolantern says:

    Hope this was a good episode, I have been trying to listen to it since it was released and the sound keeps cutting out (Not a release problem but and issue with my PC as I’ve tried listening from various channels on different platforms and still cuts out at the same points).

  12. den.aris says:

    I assure you it’s a stunning episode 😉

  13. Damien says:

    I’m a bit late to the party here since I only got around to listening to the show this afternoon, but… what a fantastic episode! It brought back a lot of memories of racing titles I had on the Amiga and you covered a good deal of variety including several titles I only vaguely remembered – so thanks for the refresher!

    You both held the show together really well and you could tell there definitely retro-chemistry going on! It’s always hard doing something new at first but I agree with Andy from this point onwards you’re just going to get better and better. You both relaxed a lot as you moved into the show which made the whole thing a very pleasurable listen!

  14. glenn says:

    Good show guys I remember test driver 2 I loved that game on the Amiga and c64 keep up good work guys

  15. retrodarren says:

    interested to find out how you think the final top 10 turned out . was a suprise to us that APB did so well and we thought we’d get a bit of flak from listeners that it finished where it did. But i suppose thats what made it interesting for us as we did’nt know what the final positions would be until we added up the scores.

    just a quick straw poll – is the scoring system ok as it is or does it need tweaking / changing?

    • trantor says:

      I think you may want to weigh some things a bit lighter (presentation being on the same level as playability seems a bit unfair… A game like Street Rod would the trounce a Stunt Car Racer even though it is almost unplayable in the racing sequences). Maybe only count sound, graphics and presentation at 50% points.

  16. retrodarren says:

    oh btw – thanks for all the nice comments .

  17. mrsid says:

    Fantastic show guys, the Retro Asylum podcast goes from strength to strength. I loved the Amiga and its a system that is not been covered that much on previous episodes.

    Really looking forward to Darren and Matts next top ten.

  18. retrodarren says:

    — ahem — thats ‘retrodarren’

  19. scopie says:

    I loved the intro on Test Drive 2 with the woman’s sultry sampled voice and the slick looking car taking off – one of my fave early Amiga games however I think I liked it more for the graphics as the actual gameplay is not that hot especially the original. I remember using a graphics ripper to nick the Porsche image and using it in one of my old animations turning it into a hover car (just like back to the future2) which it proceeded to attack a giant walker (from the game Walker) and wrap its legs together with a tow cable! All done with just a 1mb Amiga.
    Good times lol

  20. pottyboy says:

    Sorry if I’m a bit late replying., had some troubles logging in to the site but I’m OK now 🙂

    Good podcast you two. There’s actually quite a few you two mentioned that I’ve never played! I for one have never played Vroom or any of the Super Cars games, but I will try them out at some point. Out of all those, Stunt Car Racer is my favourite followed by Formula One Grand Prix, APB, Lotus Turbo challenge and No Second Prize.

    Racing games was a genre the Amiga was really good for. You did get some rubbish, but there were many great racers available for it.

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