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Episode 24.5 – Endangermice


The UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back with another superb half show. This week’s guest is our good friend and this month’s site sponsor endangermice, aka Damien!

This is the last in the series of our retro gaming summer community half episodes here on the Retro Asylum Podcasts, stay tuned for a whole new series of five half episodes.

In this great episode find out how Damien got the name Endangermice.

How he first got into gaming and programming.

About his amazing upcoming remake of Starquake which you can find more details on at

We also discuss one of the most underrated 8-bit machines ever – the Amstrad. Find out why the Amstrad was Damien’s 8-bit machine of choice.

We also do our desert island disk section, where Damien tells what game he would play for even and who he would play this with.

We also have Name the game. Will Damien be able to guess the game?

Also please check out this link to the amazing Amstrad remake of R-Type that we discuss on the show. We highly recommend you play this game.

Once again big special thanks to Damien for sponsoring our show this month and also big thanks to Darren who is sponsoring our show in November.

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Download the episode:
Episode 24.5 – Endangermice

11 thoughts on “Episode 24.5 – Endangermice

  1. TEOL says:

    Is this really considered a half podcast anymore with the length increased to normal size.

    Oh wait I forgot half way through typing this that the proper editions are now a hour and a half long so yeah it probably should be an hour and still be considered a half podcast, my mistake of misunderstanding there.

  2. Damien says:

    Thanks Andy, it was great to be on the show, I really enjoyed talking to you and didn’t sound anything like as bad as I imagined in the end!

    I did promise that I’d write a post on the R-Type remake packaging that Toto of Easter Egg Software made for me. Not one to break a promise, here it is:

    Enjoy, I’m sure all will agree that this is a very cool item!

  3. Dean Swain says:

    Another great half episode with another superb guest! Well done guys.

  4. mrsid says:

    Another great podcast. I never knew the CPC 464 had a colour monitor! Growing up a friend had the ‘green screen’ version which I thought was the only option.

    Great memories of Cauldren, Oh Mummy and Fantasy World Dizzy on the amstrad

  5. den.aris says:

    Really interesting. Reckon I need to do a show with Damien so we can get all techy on you all. Could hear Damien was gagging to get into refresh rates, Amiga goodness etc more. Maybe I can unleash the beast in the RA Podcast – Geek edition 😉

    Still want an Archy. SD card add on and voila quality 32 bit machine.

  6. Damien says:

    Thanks Matt. I was talking to Andy and Swainy last weekend about maybe doing something that’s a bit more techy – I’d like to explain the refresh rates thing a little more clearly too since there’s actually quite an interesting trade-off that allows the machines to update the display 50 times a second compared to a TV picture. It would also explain why the Amiga’s interlaced modes flicker and created movement artefacts even with a flicker fixer.

    I think a show discussing the more popular 8-bit machines of the era and what their advantages and disadvantages were and how that affected the games that were made for them would be good starting point plus we could drop in a few concepts like refresh rates etc.

    It’s just important to get the balance right not to go too techy and ensure that you can try and explain things as simply as possible – something I think would require a bit of research work beforehand…

    • glenn says:

      Fantastic show guys I enjoyed Damien telling his experience on programming Its must be hard using C++ and assembler language Im using games maker at the moment makings bubble bobble game and I found that tricky but listen to you on the podcast keeps me going Keep up good work on Starquake and hope to see you again at the next meet up

  7. scopie says:

    Wow I found that very interesting and enjoyed the whole programming point of views. And very good to get the Amstad perspective, shame more programmers didn’t push the machines capabilities more. Indeed the machine had the ability to produce some very bright and colorful graphics and the c64 was very pastel in comparison.

  8. ZXSpecstar says:

    Awww this episode was a total geek speak episode absoluteley loved it from start to finish.

  9. Damien says:

    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed some slightly deeper geekdom! It’s always a fine balance between not going deep enough and ahem going a bit mad but hopefully I managed it!

    I still feel the Amstrad is a seriously underrated machine, from a development perspective it was one of the best 8-bit machines out there, I think only the BBC offered the same rich development environment and both machines were way better than the Speccy and C64 for programming! It was good to be able to explore the Amstrad gaming perspective too and I’m looking forward to doing more of that in the future!

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