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Episode 23 – Elite Systems


The UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back with another Fantastic episode.

In today’s episode, the lads tell you what they have been up to. Swainy tells us about he has been playing on Vita and about being a dad again. Andy’s been playing Chuckie Egg and tells us about his upcoming surgery.

There are also site news and announcements, a competition to win a Amiga 500 and reviews of Mean Streak on the ZX Spectrum and Silent Hill on the PS1.

Plus find out what this weeks remake will be and what stinkers Andy and Swainy choose as this week’s WTF.

Then next time on Retro Asylum episode 24, the lads are going back in time to 1985!

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Download the episode:
Episode 23 – Elite Systems

11 thoughts on “Episode 23 – Elite Systems

  1. malc1976 says:

    Elite Systems wow thats great they did some classics back in the day and still do ive got Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy on my 360.
    Toki was relesed on the arcade by TAD Corporation who did Cabal and only six games in total,the remake looks really good.
    Im glad there going to do another Killer Instinct i really like KI2 its better than Mortal Kombat.
    I thought the game Swainy was thinking of was Elevator Action:)

  2. darren says:

    I remember Knight Rider. The worst thing about that game were the driving/shooting sections. Sometimes you would have to drive across the country which would quite literally take hours. It was more entertaining to watchthe game load.

    Really enjoyed the itunes reviews this week, especially the last one from Rich. I’m sure it makes what you do very worthwhile.

    Also, welcome to the team my namesake, Retro Darren. Can’t wait to hear you on the show again. Good luck mate 🙂

    BTW, you MUST film Swainy’s interpretive Dancing.

  3. malc1976 says:

    I was never a fan of the arcade Alien vs Predator so i didnt bother with the SNES game it wasnt till Andy told me that wasnt a arcade port and its a really bad game.
    But to be fair both the movies are terrible aswell.

  4. Adam says:

    Nice podcast guys 🙂

    Now about my music choice…..ya, I think I drank too much Schweppes lemonade when I was thinking of what tune to request. 😛 Puggsy was one of my Mega Drive childhood games and ‘Badger Mill’ was the only one that crossed my mind. 😆

    On Name the game, the second Swainy mentioned the clues which were Taito and how the level started, I instantly thought Elevator Action.
    I played that one on the Taito Legends compilation on the PS2, I think I got as far as the third level.

  5. scopie says:

    Loved Toki in the arcades then played the crap out of the Amiga version until I finally finished it. Man that game was indeed tough lol!

  6. scopie says:

    Forgot to say the Toki remake looks fantastic, this would go down a storm on the PSN or IOS etc.
    And for the Megadrive version, never liked it. What was up with the graphics? They were awful, what happened? A W.T.F game candidate for sure.

  7. TEOL says:

    Killer Instinct I wasn’t a fan of because it’s too unfairly hard to win for it’s own good but then again I say the same about the Mortal Kombat 2 PS3 version which is broken other than multiplayer as the very easy is like the very hard setting in the rest of the versions so it’s broken as nobody other than the masters can complete it at all.

  8. TEOL says:

    Be sure to blast the CD of the Podcast with the window open wide. 😀

  9. TEOL says:

    Puggsy is one of those games that starts off boring with not many enemies but turns out to be a really great game afterall later on into it.

    I advise you guys to give it a play later in you won’t be disappointed.

    I find the AMIGA version to have better music. The Badger Mill in that is a better tune.

  10. TEOL says:

    1985 I bet the other Dan as well as myself are going to enjoy that one the best.

  11. scopie says:

    Andy’s Bain impersonation sounded for a second a bit like the Swedish Chef!

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